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E36 – W24

The neighbours flowers at the top of the street.

Introduction …

It’s only Wednesday but already it feels like another day but as to what other day it might be, l don’t know – but it’s the middlish of the week and l am already dead beat!

I have been working flat out in the garden since Monday exclusively, sure l was working in the garden previous to that … but this week it has literally been flat out and in our current heats l reckon l have lost half of my funny shape l spoke of the other day and if not that then l know l had shed a few pounds l would like to lose a stone and get myself back to 12 stone instead of my 13 – l mean 13 is unlucky right? I just want to see the curvacious furry football gone – l feel healthier when l don’t feel so damn unwell!

I finished off the end sieve of the compost today – l started at just after 7am to avoid the humidiy and the rain and stopped at 11.45am so nearly five hours of shovelling and sieving and carrying is seriously hard grafting!

With the heat my brain started to sweat and dribbled out of my nose or through my eyes and fogged up my glasses!! Very unpleasant!

I can’t believe it’s been a full week since my last Morning Musing – but l have worked those days and hard. My FitBit informs me l have been hauling between 8 – 12,000 steps per day just in the garden! I did take a walk a couple of days ago, but it was spoiled by a lost dog – not the dog’s fault but the lousy owner! Let the dog off lead and then lost sight of her!

I mean if that dog had nagged another dog or been hit by a car or stolen – what would the owner do then? Most Brits don’t know that it is actually illegal to walk your dog off lead and NOT be in control of said dog! It’s an old English by law and so it’s not followed up or regulated nor policed – however there are other laws that prevent off leash walking such as 1953 Dogs Act [Protection of Livestock] as well as the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. So owners can’t pretend to NOT know these things and yet they do!

But l was worried about this dog and put my walk off and walked with it till we found its owner who was completely oblivious to her dog not being with her. But at least they were reunited but l had wasted 45 minutes of my morning looking for the dog’s owner but still managed to find a couple of pretty shots.

Yesterday l had the Hippo bag turn up which has been bought with the intention of offloading the last of the rubbish from the house and the shed and garden. I can’t believe that by the end of yesterday l was already half filled!!

Although apparently l have to now extract the two bags of solid concrete dust, a 35kg bag of solid rock salt and some bitumen felt roofing and take those to the tip directly so that makes some space freed up. I am still a little surprised at how quickly these things have filled up or are filling up – it wasn’t that long ago [March] that l had the tonney skip on board and now three months later a tonney Hippo as well and it will leave here full!

When l look at the behind the sheds l know what’s gone from there and yet still it doesn’t look any different to the unknowing. The biggest achievement was the compost reduction and end sieve. I vowed l would have it completed by today come hook or crook and l did that, but it has knackered and literally exhausted me out! I sieved off six bins of useable compost and a complete worm farm. But l managed to break down the wooden units and the only thing remaining is the last half cube, just waiting for it to dry and ‘dewarp’ ready for cleaning off and stacking away tomorrow.

The complete cycle of events from Monday in compost terms.

This will be the last time this particular style of composter is set up as such as in three cubes. Wherever l end up living wise … l will have a different composting routine. It has come about because open style composting’ stimulates and triggers the most dreadful spikes of mold spore conjunctivitis and my eyes are caning me for several days a time – made far worse by high pollen counts and high humidity.

So from this point onwards l shall be working composting to a more controlled environmental schedule and using different kit to achieve the results l want. Also it comes down to what l intend to be growing in the new residence as well. I’ll not be performing as much in the way of vegetable gardening – but more herbs and roses and flowers with only a marginal supportive quantity of vegetables such as rocket, spinach and mixed salads.

I will only ever have one unit set up in cube form and that will only be holding finished compost – the new compost system with comprise of a HOTBIN MK2 and a Bokashi Composter [Suze and l will both have one of these and l am starting to trial one today].

My black bins will only hold garden waste and the overall composting station will be much smaller and more importantly take less time because l don’t want to spend the same time working it as l have been doing.

I will of course write about this in due course ……….

From tomorrow l have to start bagging up the raised beds and l am guessing by the end of the week l will be officially dead on my feet! Sam is taking the soil of the larger beds, but the smaller beds are being bagged and stored for Suze. I had to cover them today as we have had heavy rains this afternoon and the last thing l need is for the soil to be wet and sodden this close to a bagging. I am aiming on having all of the empty beds bagged up and the beds broken down by this weekend.

I keep telling myself that things are starting to take shape but at times l am still convinced paint dries quicker, you know!?

But hey that’s another job out of the way.

Anyway, there we go, another update from Project Garden, thanks for both visiting and reading! Catch you next time! Rory

NB: I have some great news. Yesterday l went to view a property which was suitable for residential living and hosted by a proper agent and it passed my 90 second test. It’s not in Deal where l had been looking but a bit further afield from Kingsdown where l am now – only 8 miles out and that is Sandwich. It is not on the sea but 2 and a half miles inland.

The house is quirky and has lots of character. I received notice today that l had passed the first stage of acceptance and that l was just going into referencing – however l know my references are fine. So all going well l will have the keys by next week sometime.

Sandwich is steeped in history and some absolutely beautifully stunning walks which will be great for the Morning Musings.

It’s a very awkward market now – rentals that is – l have viewed perhaps 15 properties since my rejection on the dream house – however – these ‘viewings’ have all been virtual tours which is the new way for people to view because of C19 – however you might only ever get to actually real life view one out of every ten. So l have only been VTing properties l really wanted to rent! It has been a very stressful ten days.

Sandwich, Kent
History of Sandwich, Kent

27 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E36 – W24

    1. Hi Grace, yes it is … but it’s not a shed as you might think – more like a refurbish Coal Shutter – it’s ample for my needs though and the walled courtyard garden is indeed lovely.

    1. Hey Ribana, this is fine, it’s basically mine, the references are preliminaries and just have to be done for protocol. Most referencing in UK is done digitally making it so much quicker than even ten years ago. Once the properties are secure, Suze and l can begin the slower and more thorough move in 🙂

      1. This all process of references is new to me…we do rent here in Singapore and we’ve revolted several times from when we are here but the only thing we needed to do was to pay 1 or 2 rents deposit and that’s it 😊
        I’m glad for both of you! I’m sure the situation will be more quieter after the whole process of moving will be completed 😉

    1. Hey Suzanne – thank you and yes, l am exhausted, but it’s set to only get more and more tiring from this point on l feel – no rest for the wicked as they say 🙂

  1. Yay!💃🏼💫! I’ve been thinking about the property since I wished you luck. I didn’t want to ask and jinx it.

    You be careful of the morning stiffie. We talked about that…😂

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