Are You Experiencing Fulfilling Balances?

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Are You Experiencing Fulfilling Balances?

What’s your magically balanced mix of fulfillment comprise of from the following four ‘items?’

Friendship [Friends – Real Life/Virtual] and SocialityRelationships or partnerships whichever term best describes yours.
Work [or hobbies/activities if no job]Family [spending time with]

Is the best mix an even 25% across all boards or less or more on specifics – what would you consider healthy as a balance or unhealthy?

Let me know below – cheers Rory

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24 thoughts on “Are You Experiencing Fulfilling Balances?

  1. It’s a juggling act!
    Luckily, I don’t have to choose one over the other too much. Family is always first for me, the friends. Hobbies, like blogging gets its due share. And in-between, life happens.

  2. I would not know what is the perfect balance…friends, I do have a very little number of real life friends and more in the virtual thanks to blogging 🤪, I’m not a social person, work, I would prefer not to work and dedicate my time only to my hobbies, my hubby is my perfect match, family, I’m perfectly fine spending my whole time only with my hubby 😉

  3. Yes, I think so. Well… I could switch out some online time for exercise. I did yesterday and felt good, though am now “behind” on blogging. May have to live with that!

    1. I think being behind with blogging because of exercise and life is perfectly fine .. l am so busy with other things at present because of the downscaling of the garden and looking for somewhere to rent etc, and l do feel guilty – BUT l am healthier for it – so l think at times and especially summer/warmer weather times being behind is forgivable 🙂

  4. I don’t have any “real life” friends or a partner so that’s easy. I dont have a job and my hobbies are blogging and reading. Doing okay there. I live with 2 of the 3 family members that are important (harsh, I know, but it’s the truth) and I text, talk to or see Younger Daughter just about every day. We might miss 3 days a month.

    My time is full up with Ben currently. When school starts again I will have more time for ME. I do make time for the sunset every night. So there’s the self care.

    My life isnt “normal” though, so I have to make my own rules😉🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. You know, I looked at the four categories and I could choose NONE of them.

    What’s your magically balanced mix of fulfillment comprised of, from the following four ‘items?’

    It’s definitely not relationships or family. No. It’s not friendship either, although the societal connection (virtually as in on-line) has a slight edge over all the others and it’s certainly not work or activities now I’m retired.

    As usual I don’t fit the mold.

    Is the best mix an even 25% across all boards or less or more on specifics – what would you consider healthy as a balance or unhealthy?

    I’d say an equal mix is probably the most healthy IN MY OPINION, even if that’s not the case for me personally. I’m told fairly frequently by my mental health care givers that being so out of balance with those groups is extremely unhealthy, so there’s that.

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