Epic Captions

Season 1 – Game 8

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Epic Captions as a game could not be simpler …. in fact it is astonishingly easy to take part and play and it is so easy and so quick, that there may be a few games per week as a bit of light hearted fun!

It isn’t unique to me either – as a game it’s been around for almost ever!

Each game l will provide an image and all you have to do is produce a caption for it! [As in what do YOU think it should read or say?]

I TOLD you it was easy!!

So here’s your image …

Epic Caption This!

It’s yours to play with!

Game 7’s Image above was this and this is what our readers said about it! …

Happy Points 5 PNG

Happy Points Directory

So 5 Happy Points awarded to you all and well done!

Omatra7 of Learning LifeShhhh… this is what politicians look like when you take their masks off
Sadje of Keep it Alive“Did I finish all the bananas?”
Jennifer of PaperkutzShhhhh…I Was Never Here!
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma“Hush Bigfoot, yes, we’re taking over, just like we planned. The humans have screwed things royally!”
Gary of Bereaved Single DadSome bloke called Dominic showing how to self isolate and test his eyesight at the same time.

14 thoughts on “Epic Captions

  1. My Eric Clapton …
    “Sam, I think you’ve taken this Murder Academy idea of yours a bit to far. Yes, the alphabet in blood IS a nice touch. Yes, this WOULD be a comfortable classroom. I just don’t think you’re going to be able to stay out of jail, let alone open up a school if you keep killing people.”

    1. Ha ha brilliant 🙂

      That takes me back to the days of joke shops – dang but what ever happened to them, why did they just disappear?

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