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E35 – W24

Introduction …

I am using the Gutenberg editor and have been now since a week prior to official launch on June 1st, l have gotten used to it …. ish – it still has annoying quirks and whilst in some quarters it is pretty functional, its overall functionality in comparison to practicality – is a bit wishy washy. I don’t know who thought this was a terrifically good idea but l think it may have been a time orientated gamer – someone who just wants people to spend more time in game, or in this case in blog.

I always detested the jerks in World of Warcraft who made simple things five times as long because they wanted the gamer to stay in game for even longer periods of time – a form of slow coerced addiction manipulation. That is what this new editor reminds me of … we took something simple and effective – nerfed it to high heaven – not for your ease and practicality – but to ensure you stayed in blog for longer trying to do the simple things again.

Like the colours aspect -old editor – a custom colour stayed put – new editor you have to keep fluffing around with codes because every new block doesn’t hold the new custom colour ………. now l use purples and reds instead of the colour tones l want because Gutenberg thinks it’s cool to keep buggering about!

Of course there are easy ways around this editor but it’s still a frigging nightmare with regards so called ‘once was simplicities’ and that brings me to my garden and the name of this episode. My garden whilst hard work, was before today or yesterday simplicity – sure it had taken a few years to achieve that … but it was achieved – now it’s not simplicity but grafted complexity!

A lot like the Gutenber Editor!

I am tired, really tired – physically and personally tired – it’s hard work with any garden just on normal maintenance and upkeep never mind if there is an ornamental side to it or a vegetable side – they are choices that each gardener introduces voluntarily to a normal upkept garden. We don’t have to introduce more hard work – we choose to because we want to see pretty or we want eaty – it’s that simple. NO ONE forced me to make this garden the way it is except me and Suze, we agreed.

But of course life changes …

Circumstances change ….

Relationships change ….

So get on with it …. which in this case means … the garden in addition to being managed and upkept and maintained for the likes of weeds and mowings must also be now – deconstructed!! What’s worse in many ways is that this destruction is during what would normally be classed as a healthy growing phase – that makes life very difficult and more labour intensive!

It seems like only yesterday that we were strulching the garden or l was hoisting and hoiking a quarter tonne of newly bought soil from the front of the garden to the back of the garden in heavy bags for use in the raised beds? Or that l was also shifting 1.5 tonne of compost all the way around the garden in containers and those damn beds!?

So what l now have to do in addition to sieving off and offloading an existing half tonne of potting compost is offload just under two tonnes of workable gardening soil from all the garden’s containers as this garden must be returned to the original 2016 layout. Which as a small example you can see below the garden as it was in July 2016 a very wet day. It was an unloved garden that was filled with pot bound disasters.

Now l can’t return it to the original layout per se, l can and l can’t – because the photos clearly display issues instantly to gardeners because of the plant life is poorly and in desperate need of some TLC which was awarded between August 2016 and April 2017 as a first stage of general repair. The layout l leave will be smarter and better kept.

The garden we took on in 2016 was in a nutshell quite ill, unloved, unmaintained and generally in pretty poor shape, the garden we depart from in 2020 is shit hot! Workable easy to plant into soils, pruned trees with shape and life and no plants desperately pot bound. I know this’ll read as someone who doesn’t want to move …. if you have read that? Well done. I don’t , but l don’t have the choice – but at least the people who buy this house will have a truly lovely garden – providing they are gardeners.

In 2016 we took a garden on board that didn’t have birds visit until late summer 2017 – that was the first time we saw birds fly into the garden instead of over it! The first birds were my much loved Percy’s the wood pigeons. Now we have a garden that enjoys up to 18 different species on the year! Now the garden is a beautiful wildlife haven and sanctuary in comparison to an unloved backyard.

We have bees and butterflies and frogs and toads and hedgehogs and foxes all visit – we have roses that are no longer hyrbrids but beautifully scented wild and original roses that have the most heavenly smells to their petals – it’s a fantastic garden now.

Over the weekend, l slowly started to dig out the smaller raised beds and bag the content. Some content will be moving to Suze’s new place – as to me – who knows l may not have a garden just yet – small or otherwise. But some soils are being shifted to Suze, others are being shifted to Sam next door. As l broke down the beds l managed to harvest off some nice yields though of rocket, spinach and pak choi and beetroot leaf which was great.

Today l will be starting the sieving process of the compost being kept by us into the black bins as the wooden units need to dry out so l can pack them up and store them away. I started to break down the compost bins yesterday and fill up the grey and green units being left with the house.

That’s what l shall be doing today right after this sales agent turns up and does what he needs to do. I am guestimating the breakdown sieving to take me a good few days as it is pretty labour intensive. But l am also offloading the uncut raw compost to Sam which means it has to be bagged and hauled.

By this time next week the area behind the sheds will all be broken down and packed up and away in storage.

But hey that’s another job out of the way.

Anyway, there we go, another update from Project Garden, thanks for both visiting and reading! Catch you next time! Rory

13 thoughts on “366 Days of Gardening! E35 – W24

  1. That’s a pretty frustrating thing that blocks don’t hold the new custom color ☹️ and yes, true…we need much more time in doing a post than before ☹️
    I’m sorry for the garden and for the hard work that you need to put in…I’m glad at least that you manage to harvest and enjoy some of the veggies 😉

  2. I’m sure the plants in the garden understand. I know you are explaining it to them as you do the work that must be done.
    Ol Gutey is a PITA for sure. I’m pretty comfortable doing the simple things I do, but it’s slooooow. ☹🙄

    1. Yes it is soooooooo slow!! Not time friendly at all. I am pretty fast with it now, but its fast is my slow! After a while it just annjoys the crap out of me and more so if you get a stupid message come up that tells you your post is no longer valid.

      I have found the moment l start a post l now have to post date and save immediately so it doesn’t destroy itself 🙁

      FFS doesn’t even cover it at times.

      Yes, l do explain it to the plants but it’s still hard at times trying to configure the kerfuffle!

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