Dear Blog – 13.25 – 13/06/20

A Good Jouncing Helps Your Day!

A small Update.

I don’t know about you, but l like a good jouncing in the morning first thing if l can get it – it’s not always possible of course to get a jounce, but if l can grab me some bounce or maybe a jiggle l am a happy guy! Also it doesn’t really matter if your preferred term is bounce or jiggle – there are plenty of alternative .. like my favourite ‘jounce, to jounce, to be jounced upon, a jouncing we shall go, fancy a jounce?

If you want and wish to be prim and proper then opt for the likes of energy, bound, zip, spring, vigor or vitality or wiggle, twitching, jig, to jig or even to shake and joggle which can be a bit of a boggler but it always depends upon what or whom is jiggling, joggling or wiggling and boggling! Either way matters not how you describe your particular style of agitated bobbing!

Suze and l were jouncing first thing this morning, quite early to beat off the stresses of the day ahead – you don’t have to joggle alone, sometimes two people joggling together can make for quite a energy pull!

But we basically jounced and joggled for a good few hours from around 7am till 11.30am’ish and 4 and a half hours of a combined joggling jounce is quite a bit l can tell you! For the record, you can interpret this as you think appropriate – but l am referring to getting my motivation levels up.

The jouncing behaviour is just my quirky way of describing the start to the house pack up … with Suze starting to move her stuff out at the start of next month, we have to start getting the machinations rolling forwards…. but also with the agent for the sale of this house arriving Monday, we had to get my office hidden walls operation achieved, which has been done so accordingly.

I am not as stressed as l was yesterday, which was a seriously bad day as the vents just exploded with frutrations – but yesterday l spoke to two rental agents who are now working at finding me my slice of dream rental – so l am not feeling so damned at present.

I am just taking a break to create this post and then start again.

I have seen a few properties l like, but l have decided to NOT write about any properties l like ha ha in case l jinx myself again, when l write about my new place it’ll be when l have my own arse sitting on a chair in there and l live there full time!!

This morning – my office before ………..

…. and after [the bears are now made ready for shipping out]

Although l have boxed up the bear clan in preparation, l took some photos so l could write a couple of Teddy Bear Stories in the next couple of weeks. However this is way better than it was and also as a box room, the sales agent l don’t think will be that bothered about wanting to photograph. This is one major stress off my plate anyway.

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

20 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.25 – 13/06/20

    1. I too hate seeing them boxed up, but the time has come to start the packing up schedule and l had a talk with them, they know they are safe and they are all together – they’re cool 🙂

    1. Hey Lauren, l totally agree with you – trying to visualise somewhere l have no concept of visual is the harder, but l am now conjuring up forward space and this makes it easier 🙂

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