Dear Blog – 13.15 – 12/06/20

Crazy Days and Then Some World!

Did l poke too deep?

I am actually up to my eyeballs in stress, but am impressed with how well l am handling it — well to the unknowing observer l am not sweating, but to the knowing – well they would know only too well that l am starting to fray at more than the edges!

Trying to get my shit together this week has been seriously hard work, and whilst the end of last week for me started superbly it wasn’t looking too good for Suzanne, and yet as this week closes, it is looking way better for Suzanne but not so lovely for me!! That’s the beauty of irony and jinxing yourself ha ha – you HAVE got to laugh otherwise you would simply go Nuts!!

Now – first off – where am l on my dream apartment – the flat l fell in love with in 90 seconds?? Mm, okay well l must remember to not write in pointless expletives and just stick to the facts!

I was referenced and accepted and offered the flat in Deal last Friday after viewing Wednesday. I was then told that my moving in date would be end June, any questions l had l was to email to the agent and he would get the answers from the landlord. Great!!

Except that’s where everything started to go wrong … literally from the weekend which was already stressful enough physically with a broken tooth and a buggered knee. As hard as l tried to get responses from the agent – as far as l was concerned he had gone AWOL! By Monday l was convinced l had somehow lost the flat and the agent must be some kind of scammer – or alternatively something seriously dreadful had happened!!?

Come Monday more stress followed in the form of my landlord calling up saying she was putting the house on the market and would like us to co-operate as much as we could to make this sale a possibility. I said of course however … we are a country in lockdown, we are also in the process of moving, tidying the house up.

Suze is considered a key worker because she is employed by governmental authorities and is actually working from home 8-5pm working hours and anything in the way of agents and viewings must be appropriate to those considerations and for the landlord to please remember that we had not officially tended our notice in. She agreed and said everything would be as supportive to us as possible. But it was still a little insultive considering we are always supportive and bend over backwards to assist if possible. If she is selling and not renting – why can’t this wait?? Because like many people she is worried about the state of the UK market and losing money and wants out.

Which is all well and good in normal circumstances – BUT not in today’s world when stresses are already significantly higher than normal!

By Wednesday finally l hear back from the agent handling the Deal flat and the news is not great, it is perplexing and complicated! The flat MAY be available in July/August – may be! It turns out that the flat was originally designed for a holiday letting – but with the arrival of Covid 19 and the lockdown that threw all good plans into the winds. So the landlords decided to ride it out and make the flat available as a residential letting … are you seeing the problem yet?

In the UK residential lettings and holiday lettings are two very distinct things – they fall under either commercial or private rental. If the former you have business rates and if the latter you have local council rates. However the flat was purposed for a commercial holiday rental and not a residential letting – so the landlords found this out and then had to apply for a change of spec. But then, they also found out that the government is offering a furlough system and awarding compensation grants of £10,000 to business owners!

However they can only get this awarded to them, as long as their holiday letting is empty. They were advised that they should be granted the £10K first which is rightly theirs and once in receipt of that, change the status to residential and then let to me.

Okay, sounds ooooooooooooookayish right? Except our government is now seriously behind with these payments and l am not allowed to take the rental up as either a holiday letter or even a residential renter because the property is now caught in a legal administrative limbo land! The agent tells me that l could be in maybe by end July or end August or end September – that is a lot of maybe’s baby and with no fixed guarantee – meanwhile l have a landlord that wants this property on the market!! So l am somewhat stressed. The landlords want me in .. but how long is a piece of string?

How it is currently left is l will be on hold but l will still look for property as well and if anything comes up that comes close to the flat, l will take it and let the dream go! So that’s where l am at presently. Sounds easy and simple, but my stresses are now starting to fray a little with the pressure.

Excellent news however is Suze heard that her referencing is clear and she was offered her property yesterday with access to moving in end of this month – this is a great weight lifted off my shoulders – it means l don’t have to worry about that so much now. My concentration levels are a bit squiffy.

To add more insult to injury – just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse … remember this schedule board of mine??

Well, in the process of packing up and taking things down, l started on my office last night and everything was going dandy until l tried to take this board down from the wall and a couple of my framed pictures …. shit!

The walls here are studded walls and not very good, securing anything to walls has always been awkward until l found this 100% ideal solution that was ‘wall friendly, wallpaper friendly’ hanging tape ………… the two images below will display to you that l have a bone to pick with the manufactuers about ‘wallpaper friendly or even just wall friendly!! It reminded me of the line ‘Gosh , did l poke too deep with the response of l think you hit the bone there!”

OH Bollocks!!!

This was where l had two framed images …….

Oh double bollocks!

So we have a house estate agent here next Monday and we are going to have to be very creative with hiding things till l can get this bloody thing sorted out. I am not bothered, l know it can be sorted out and if needs be l will ask a friend of Suze’s to help who is in the trade ……. but it wasn’t needed – you know – it’s all just bad timing?

I will just make this room the most awkward room possible for photography and move the bookshelf around and stack opaque boxes – it just added to my stress. By this time next week, this room will not have these scars and it’ll be stress over – well until l know about my living accom anyways!

So that’s where l am, l mean there is loads more – mostly smaller packing up and deconstructing the house stresses, but it’s one day at a time in crazy days and then some world!

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.15 – 12/06/20

  1. Tough call to make regarding your rental situation. As for the wall, I’m sure you can improvise. You’re good at planning things. I wish that things get sorted out for you too. All the best to Suze.

  2. Congrats to Suze! Once she’s settled in you can focus solely on JB. Get yourself centered and balanced. The house owner will just have to be patient. I’ll add the dugout owners getting their £££ to my list of things I’m hoping go quickly & smoothly 😉🤗🥰🦄🌊

    1. Hey Grandma, yes it is good news for Suze – l am just incredibly stressed at present and struggling to find a happy balance. way too many maybes in the pot.

  3. Let’s hope everything will go quick and smooth and you’ll still be able to get into that apartment soon!
    I’m glad Suze has the property…less of one worries 😉
    That is really not a ‘wall friendly, wallpaper friendly’ hanging tape…😣😣

  4. To just a mess. Stress on stress. So hope you get something sorted quickly with the house. Have you managed to get anything sorted with the tooth. Mine is basically patch it up yourself and wait for the dentist to be allowed to see it. Then wait for the dentist to be allowed to drill or extract it. Then wait for the dentist to be able to get the dental supplies and ppe to do the work. Deep joy….

    1. Hey Gary, it’s like a cocaine strip of stress, it just keeps getting snorted! As to dentist – aye totally, self repair till one available 🙂

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