Does Your Voice Speak You??

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Does Your Voice Speak You??

Suze came in to my office this morning and asked me if she had a ‘monotone voice?’ A strange question, but one l have had occasioned to hear cast at me over the years. Many assume wrongly that everyone under the autism spectrum speaks with a flat monotone voice – this is not the case at all and not with me and most assuredly not with Suze.

I have a twang to my voice due to a mixed accent of many isms , whilst l do not have a monotone voice, l do however hold my hands up to the charge of having an affected voice and this is because l am a natural mimic and l tend to listen for unusualities in the way people speak and if l like them l tend to adopt them into my own vocal range – the end result is that my voice is at times heavily accented and ridden with strange language dialects and nuances ……… The reason l tell you this is because l deliberately performed this to cease the monotony of my voice when l was younger and l have been living it for 45 odd years and have successfully ridded myself of the monotony of my initial voice.

It has taken me years to perfect my voice to be reflective to who l am – many say my voice suits my face and my overall behaviour. So when Suze asked me this question of her voice this morning l did pause and ponderd upon this question …. Is her voice one continued sound? No it is not, but is her voice hers? Does it suit her? Good question – however those are not the questions for this post – no , this is ………. ?

Does your voice suit you and do you like the sound of your own voice?

Do you have an interesting voice, a drawling voice, a sexy voice, something about it that makes it different – are you heavily accented or smitten with a dialect, have you affected your voice like l did to hide monotony or do you perhaps adopt isms? Do you have a sweetness to your tones or a lilt … but more importantly do you like it and does it suit you?

Let me know below, thanks. Rory

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33 thoughts on “Does Your Voice Speak You??

  1. I like my calm voice better than my “speak fast” voice. However, I do have to watch my tendency to inflect up at the end of sentences.

  2. I have what was called a ‘good ear’ and I pick up other people’s speech patterns and then mimic them without knowing it. Do I sound like me? Yeah, who else would I sound like. However I sound, that’s me. I also write the way I tawk – speech patterns are a reflection of the life lived. And the places that life was lived. Can we purposely change our speech patterns? Of course, actors do it for a living. We do it when we are recounting a story and use the speech patterns of the people we are talking about. Your voice is going to change in timbre according to your emotions, I can’t imagine voices – the sound of, the speech pattern, even the language and accent not being a changeable and varied thing according to the situation. Even speaking in a monotone reflects the mood of the moment.

  3. I think my voice suits my personality. But I feel that this question can be answered better by someone who knows me. Because as you said, Suze asked you. And she couldn’t decide for herself.

  4. Very interesting question. I’ve wondered if I sound to others the way I think I do to myself 🙃. I’ve been told that I don’t sound at all like I’m from Texas or the south, no drawl. Fairly quiet, beyond that, I’m not sure really 🙂

  5. I have a womanly soft voice? My voice is soft but happy. Is calming and gentle.

    I also have a professional phone voice. Lol – I can sound like a recording lol

    And then yes if I want to be playful… I also have a sexy voice – but that one is on the shelf right now lol ✌️

  6. I hate my voice. It doesn’t sound anything like I want it to, which is sort of soft and relaxed mostly but also a bit sarcastic at times. No. It’s dry and cracking from allergies, more high-pitched than I want, and whiny when I don’t mean it to be at all 😝

    1. Suze says the same about her voice, she dislikes it immensely .. she think she sounds flat . So high pitched and whiny is what you are saying then Paula … mm 🙂

  7. Every time I hear my voice I can’t recognise myself! I strongly believe my voice doesn’t represent me! It doesn’t sound like in my mind….hahaha…can I say that? I don’t know, but definitely is not me…the only time I like my voice is when I have a harsher voice due to a cold or a throat ache…🤪

    1. Mm, that’s an interesting sideline to the original question – may use that next and credit you … Does your voice sound like your mind?’ Cheers 🙂

      Mm, now if you look at the comments Paula, says she doesn’t like her voice because of allergies and here you are saying your voice sounds better when your throat is aching – you and Paula need to sit down together and plan swapsies 🙂

  8. Other people compliment my voice, so I have come to like it.
    I used to do voice recordings promoting products and services.
    Long time ago.
    I love singing.

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