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Season 2 – Spring Summer 2020
Series 2 – “Awakening to Changes”
Wednesday 10th June 2020 – Stroll Time 25 Mins/2300 Steps
I Dream of Trumpee!!?

Nasturtiums and daisys what’s not to love? This is calming …

Today was the first time in a week that l was able to take time out for a Morning Musing, and the first time l had been for a good walk since last Friday or just a small basic around the block walk since last Saturday. Over the weekend just gone, l took a nasty turn on my car crash of a knee. My knee well over thirty years ago took a major impact and despite a surgery it is suffering from long term wear and tear. I had it looked at by a surgeon in 2015 and his advice was in order to avoid surgery then to exercise it … so l upped my walking game.

But five years on and my knee is suffering big time, it is simply degrading down on the bones of the knee cap and the cartilages. In a nutshell it’s not far shy of a collapse – so l do have to be very careful with it.

There are some things it doesn’t like – as in direct pressure to the actual knee cap, l can no longer kneel on hard surfaces without some kind of padding and like even now when it is the size of a large honeydew melon and professionally wrapped in an athletes knee holster this is the result of a marginal bad twist. It’s the bodies way of telling me nicely that strange sexual and jiggy dance practices are over!! Oh well, that particularity of activity was a tad overrated and very 90’s only!! Good fun …. but that was then! Now as said a small bad twist and my knee gives up the ghost of stability!!

Below a close up of my soul tree!

So this morning l opted for a small stroll through Bluebell wood for some calm and serenity and hard wood … sorry that’s my dirty mind at play!! Hard ‘Wood’ Art!

I am in the need for some serious calming, as this week has been a little stressful! It started turning sour on the same day that my knee twisted if l am honest. A few things happened over the weekend – and all fell into the barrel of “Fifty Shades of WTF? Could life throw me some sweetstuff instead of lemons please?!”

Inspiration needed please!

I needed to see my soul tree today and try and glean some grounding and inner motivation and inspiration to try and combat the creeping stress levels that are appearing … like the pre-cracks to an earthquake!

In addition to a twisted knee, l am having hellish times with a pollen allergy which is seriously affecting my eyes which have become very itchy and watering, my sinus pressure is intense and l have a watery and runny nose! A full on allergic reaction to pollen which l have been experiencing for the last year now can make you quite unwell whilst the flare ups are in progress. I don’t help my situation in many ways because my office window is always open and l am either out in the garden or taking ‘strolls!!’ But l point blank refuse to allow something else to control my life!

Additionally, stress is making itself known in other quarters like eczema which is triggered by the chemicals in the water here and … stress! Finally, if that isn’t enough … l broke a front tooth!!! REALLY??!!

Yesterday the stress levels started to rise further when our landlord here decided to place the house on the market for sale and if that isn’t enough bollocks and bullshit – the landlord on the property l have been accepted for has gone AWOL to the agent and isn’t answering any calls – he has vanished from sight!! Meaning the property l was looking at may have also disappeared off the market! I have once again started the search … because simply of ‘I have a bad feeling about this!’ in the pit of my stomach!

My life has just gone from mildly stressing to horribly complicated!

So the need for grounding currently is pretty important l feel! It was an interesting walk, but as l sit typing this post now, l am not in the slightest bit calm. It would just be nice to have some certainty considering our world is filled with the opposite at present! I don’t have the time for this now – not with all the sudden changes of the landlord [ours] wanting to sell the house. However l feel it is horribly reflective on the state of the market.

With so many workers unemployed and furloughed staff worried, l mean the number of evictions alone is set to rise exponentially in the coming months – there is just a lot of uncertainty in all kind of markets and industry’s. I can relate to that .. but that is no excuse for some pretty shitty behaviour. Suze and l are very easy going people who do on occasion get ramshodded quite a bit as we try to accomodate people’s wishes.

But l feel like l have been butt screwed a little at present with regards the property l was referenced for and accepted on – l mean the referencing over here is more than a little intrusive but you answer honestly – get passed and then what .. hear nothing? So much like Goldilocks and porridge at present – maybe third time lucky and as lovely as this was .. it wasn’t for me or to be!

Ironically the last property to where we are now got sold right as we handed in our notice to move to where l am typing from today. The reason given was that our previous landlords had been spoiled by us as tenants – because we are not just good tenants but exceptional tenants who treat rentals as if they were our own homes – landlords become slightly pannicky about the shape of the next tenants and then opt for a sale rather than take the risk. This house today is in a much better shape than it was in July 2016 when we took it on board!

To make things even worse …. last night l dreamed of Donald Bloody Trump!! He was all over my dream! Like what the good grief F is that all about? I don’t often write of my politics but occasionally a straggler comes through … l am not a fan of DT in the slightest .. l am grateful he is not my President but then l have Bojo the Clown over here who isn’t much better and we have a hotch potch of so called politicians for the people – who seemingly don’t know what people actually are?!

BUT, l don’t want politicians in my dreams! Even my guide was confused, but l am guessing that is the very essence of stress and how it is deciding and choosing to manifest itself in my mind and world today! Going back on my study of dreams and their interpretations – a politician is symbolic to various possibilities – a loss of control, thoughts of being manipulated by someone else holding the strings … why am l surprised – that is currently happening … l think my horror was that my dream mind chose Donald! Why Donald? Why did l dream of Trumpee and not Jeannie??

I just have to keep my shit together – keep positive, crack on, ground myself and do what l can to get through this in one piece and not several! I will just keep looking at pretty flowers and trees and flit between calming music and rock and roll … yeah, that’ll have to do for now!!

Anyway, thanks for reading – catch you later – l have to start sieving out compost for my sins!

“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye.”
Cathy Guiswite

21 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. This : “…l have to start sieving out compost for my sins!” 😂 I’m glad you’re holding in to your sense if humor but I feel it fraying…

    Dreaming of the Orange Idjit would scare me worse than Freddy Kruger 😱 Sending my thoughts & energy your way🦄🌊💌💌

  2. A tough situation to be in. I hope your perspective land lord/ agent shows up soon. Even if they aren’t letting out the property to you, they should at least inform you.
    Seeing DT in a dream is even worse than a nightmare. Stay strong my friend.

  3. You are overloaded with “complications” right now. Maybe your mind figured “What could be worse?” and tRUMP entered the picture. As you said, you can handle the rental issues, that nightmare of DT is worse. I hope your grounding helps your spirits. Sending good energy to find a happy place to settle and enjoy the next phase of your life.

  4. Holy Carp – There are sh*t storms but this is a downright tsunami. I’m sure it will all work out in your favor, because, how could it not, but until then…

  5. So hope the property works out for you. I’m getting a sense that come the autumn things are going to be really bad in the UK. Johnson has lost control and then we add no deal brexit to the mess.

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