The Little Devilish Imp You!

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The Little Devilish Imp You!

Recently l said to a friend of mine “Do you ever feel ‘naughty?’ You can’t put your finger on it, but you feel a mischievous imp rising? You know just that sort of mawahaha bwahahaha naughty?”

She answered with ... “Doesn’t everyone???”

Which got me to thinking because l don’t honestly know… does everyone think naughty thoughts, wickedly delicious thoughts, allowing the mischevious imp within to not just rise but run riot?? So today’s question is …

How often does your wickedly delicious imp of mischief run wild and what does it get up to? What do you consider ‘delightfully naughty or just plain prankishly naughty?’ How often do you allow ‘said imps’ to run wild? What is or would be a typical situation of naughty for you?

Let me know below what your imp gets up to!

23 thoughts on “The Little Devilish Imp You!

  1. My imp doesn’t get up to much these days. Mostly it’s risque words and harmless flirting.
    My imp is capable of so much more though… SO much more😉😈

  2. My impish days were usually when doing a lab. I would love to do discovery labs for my science kids. I would put out materials and they had to create the lab themselves. Very funny at the start of each experiment. I had to swear them to secrecy because I taught five periods a day.

  3. Hmm… well I push my limits with how much clothes I wear… (on my own time – not at work, except that Elvira shirt) … so that’s my naughty- I don’t give a shit – it’s REALLY hot here! I have always done that. Is not something new lol

    I will do that right out in the open… I don’t hide (only maybe my scars)

    Don’t like it, don’t look. I think the human body is beautiful. No one will tell me how to be or what I can have for my own personal freedoms… possible American thing? Lol ✌️I do have a fire there.

    I don’t bother anyone – so don’t bother me. I don’t tell anyone else how to be, don’t do that to me…

    I am not a fan of a lot of clothing lol (not a nudest- too shy for that… but I like mini skirts or shorty shorts, half tops, backless things, etc) I have a beautiful body so, that’s not gonna last forever – I’m gonna enjoy it while I have it.

    I will do how I please with my own personal freedoms, good luck to anyone who tries to control me now.

    But I don’t date anyone, and I don’t have the time to really deal with that – nor do I want to right now… and I don’t really have the trust for that yet…

    So I don’t really think about it – I am handling too much currently. So in that area – nope. Way more peaceful to handle myself.

    I tease? I can be a little dirty with jokes sometimes? Cause it’s like funny sometimes lol… 5th grade humor is the bomb! Lol

    Sometimes I do hold my tongue … but if someone says something … sometimes and I hear it dirty 😄😄 I will wanna say something lol… depends on who says it and where I am… I am respectful … but I have a dirty sense of humor on occasion lol ✌️😄 … or most of the time lol

    Is this what you are asking? Lol

    I don’t really think I am impy? Lol … but not really totally sure what that really means?

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