Dear Blog – 15.15 – 09/06/20

When the Du Du Duz Duz!!

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There are many stresses in the world today you know? Never mind age old classic stresses as discussed literally the other day – death of a loved one, house moving and relationship break up – but additional stresses are trying times, world uncertainty, bad politics and general unrest – so there are times when you JUST don’t want anymore on top of a rising stress pile!

So the house is in a stage of disarray – the packing has started there are boxes everywhere. I have a confirmed rental, Suze is awaiting her referencing still. Things are coming down, stacks are building up. I will not take up residency in my flat till next month sometime – l would be in quicker – but the landlords despite advertising as unfurnished put furnishings in and now l have requested they remove them, otherwise l would be arranging to move stuff in this weekend.

The house here needs some sprucing up, the garden needs to be pulled down [vegetable wise] and beds packed up, soils bagged, composts broken down – so generally the stresses are creeping up.

This afternoon, the landlord rings and says she is putting the property on the market for sale – and wants a sign up, an agent in and viewings arranged – which means additional stress considering the times we are facing with quarantining and so on.

When the du du duz duz decide to hit the fan, seemingly it duz it in style here – a better more descriptive word from me is Bollocks! This just makes everything even more stressful. If you are going to sell, why not wait for us to be gone?

We have things we have to do here first.

Good job, change isn’t my arch enemy anymore!! [He says through gritted teeth at all the suddeness!]

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

14 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.15 – 09/06/20

      1. He will turn up, hopefully soon enough. Dealing with moving is tough but top it with uncertainty and that’s is double trouble.

        1. Indeedy, l have had to make arrangements now for contingency and am in the process of performing more viewing appointments.

          It would be my rotten luck to get gazumped by a second landlord.

          There is a lot of strange behaviours with landlords currently … the economy is in such a state that landlords are pannicking.

  1. Yeah man, that is a boatload of doo-doo (and stress!) Your landlord could at least wait until the house is clear -phooey on them! Packing can be a be-atch, our last 10 or so moves we had professional packers pack – 2 of them we paid for ourselves, the others were paid for by my husband’s employer since it was their idea we move LOL

  2. There’s no other phrase that fits but “Fucked up!” Seriously FUBAR! I’d say the current landlord is lowest priority, what’s she gonna do? Throw you out? I hope with the AWOL party that no money has changed hands. Are you using a listing agent? Maybe they’re the problem?

    You know where to find me if you need to vent😉💌💌

    1. Well thankfully no money has exchanged hands yet – and everything was above board but we are seeing quite a bit of this strange behaviour from landlords recently. They make this big song and dance about going through referencing – you do so, because they speed you along, then they suddenly fuck you over and you are left thinking well what more do you actually want??

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