What Does Music Mean To You?

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What Does Music Mean To You?

You know, l dedicate music to my readers each and every day each and every week and l do so, because they like l, love to hear music. I email music to friends to help them with their energy and positivity levels – music is a fantastic medium for enthusiasm and motivation, for relaxation, for beauty, for purpose – for whatever it does to you as the listener – therefore this question isn’t rocket science – but simplicity itself and should be answered swiftly and comfortably by many.

What Does Music Mean To You?

Let me know below in the comments section – thanks for reading – Rory

27 thoughts on “What Does Music Mean To You?

  1. I don’t know anything about music. I like clever lyrics and pretty sounds. I also like more philosophical lyrics, as long as I can make them out. Things like “superb guitar solos” are lost on me…

  2. It has been there for me when no-one was. It brings me back when I feel like giving up, and it’s my happy place

  3. Music is memories, thoughts and emotions. Music is the spice that makes life more interesting. Music is the beating of our hearts and the air we breathe. Music is the energy that flows through us all.

    Everything is music… wind in the trees, tires on the road, construction work, demolition work, the waves on the shore, birdsong, wolf howl, buzz of the bee…

    Music IS life.

  4. I can not listen to music that doesn’t meet my mood. If I am sad and I want to listen to sad or mellow music, upbeat music makes me angry, and vise versa. Music is there when others aren’t. Music calms my soul. Music allows me to sream lyrics at the top of my lungs when I rejoice in happy times.

  5. Music is amazing ❤️ …
    it has the ability to sooth the soul… you can change a mood by the music you play…

    It can be touching, and make you laugh/cry, happy/sad, make you feel, remember, relax, excite, delight…

    Music can be a gateway to connection… music can bring people together & unite

    There is music when you are mad, there is music that is sexy and makes the mood… music can be calming when you are stressed

    You can have connection to the words or feeling of a song when you might believe no one else could understand

    And then there are times when you might hear a song – but not truly hear it until you experience what the words portray – then suddenly “you get it” and then you hear that song a whole new way

    Music is incredible. It can be whatever you want or connect to!!

    There is so much music in life – it has endless potential ❤️

    Should I keep going? Lol just kidding – I just love music, can’t imagine life without it. ❤️✌️

  6. I love listening to music. When I am sad. When I am angry. When I am writing.
    Recently was writing and my music of choice was Eminem which absolutely stunned Tember who asked if I really liked him? Um yes child he is a poet with a voice and talent that needs to be recognized. LOL
    I leave it on as background for myself all the time.
    I love singing with music even if I get the lyrics wrong.
    I need music. I need to listen to it for at least a half hour a day. Usually as I am laying in bed reading before lights. out.
    Music is necessary to me.
    Have a great day Rory. 🙂

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