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Top 30 All Time Favourite Dance Films – 07/06/2020

Welcome to Find Me A Film

You know there are thousands of films out there, but at times it’s just not always easy to find an excellent movie when you really need it and more so on the genre you want!

Considering there is the likes of Netflix and Amazon and Sky and cable and a whole host of variety and YET when we want to find a film to watch – what happens?

We can spend up to an hour flicking through options and then losing interest …. but there are some truly excellent films out there … so what are they in your eyes?

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Todays Topical Genre is – …

Top 30 All Time Favourite Dance Films!

Let me know below!

28 thoughts on “Find Me A Film – Top 30 All Time Favourite Dance Films

  1. Strictly Ballroom is a great one. An Aussie film from 1992, it’s a classic ugly duckling to swan kind of story with some great music.

    Dirty Dancing has to be another classic.

    Billy Elliot, Footloose, Flashdance, Fame.

    Saturday Night Fever, as Sadje mentioned, that’s a great one.

    Chicago has some great dancing and so has Cabaret.

    Then you’ve got the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers ones like Shall We Dance and Top Hat.

    That makes 10 for you to be getting on with 🙂

  2. Saturday Night Fever
    Dirty Dancing
    My Fair Lady
    Mamma Mia
    Singin’ in the Rain
    West Side Story

  3. Wow – so many great ones already mentioned. May I add:

    The Red Shoes (1948)
    One Last Dance (2003 – Patrick Swayze)
    The Turning Point
    Save the Last Dance
    White Nights
    American in Paris

    Adding my vote to:
    Strictly Ballroom
    Billy Elliot
    Singing in the Rain (oh hell, anything with Gene Kelly!)

    I don’t know if Drumline would be considered a dance movie but it a helluva ‘musical’

  4. How thoughtful of you to make me realize and smile that whenever I start selecting movies to watch on Netflix, I end up selecting none after an hour 🤭🤭.
    I don’t think I have watched any dance film even in Bollywood.
    But m looking forward to watch from your post blog😊

    1. Absolute pleasure – it should be a cracking film list and should you want to look for a great film to watch on ‘dance’ you’ll have a go to list 🙂

  5. Wow! Yes to everything so far, let’s add The Wiz, White Christmas (not strictly a Dancing Movie, but a lot of singing and dancing in the movie)… maybe some of the Shirley Temple movies?

  6. Oh man. I’m not the man for this. My knowledge is almost nothing here. So for what it’s worth.
    1. Singing in the rain
    2. The Greatest Showman
    3. The Blues Brothers……. (they dance a bit)
    4. Indiana Jones 2 – they dance at the start.
    And I’m done…..

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