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Moving is Hell!

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It’s funny how as people we can evolve and adapt to new things … or simply change. I used to hate change and l mean seriously detest it … but there have been so many changes to my life and lifestyle this year alone … that l am actually beginning to really enjoy change and l NEVER thought l would hear myself say that or see myself write it!

Rory LIKES change is almost as bizarre as saying “Rory you are 57!” No l don’t have age issues l welcome ageing like l welcome everything that comes with it like grey hair although l am not going to enjoy a full shock of grey hair more a case of taking after my grandfather and going bald – joys! I will never wear a wig as l am not that bothered about going bald, but when younger thought the idea of grey hair was quite distinguished.

I have grey hair now, but it’s not in the slightest bit elegant it is hair and it’s grey and there’s not much of it! No, my thing about age is that l was once told l would never see 50, as l would be dead long before that, so 57 is quite an achievement – but then the curse said l wouldn’t see 30 either and l lived past that one too! Curses are funny things … for those who don’t take stock in them, it matters not, although l find it strange that some folks will believe in the likes of God but will not believe in other possible entities or events or phenomena – but that’s the strange world we live in.

I will talk of that ‘curse’ or the hexing at a later time in this blog , but l am not writing about that now, or even ‘change’ .. l am writing about another pet hate of mine … moving house!

This is the one behaviour activity l will never come to love! Ever!! I know l am not alone in that sentiment many people hate moving house – it is listed as one of the main three stresses in life … these being … Death of a loved one, moving house and divorce … and ironically over the last six months l have dealt with all three in one shape or another! So it’s been a trying year for me and of course Suze because we are both dealing with the same three stresses!

Both of us have also stated that this will be the last move we do … the next being the properties we buy!

For those who have read my series on My Aspergers and My Life – you’ll know that my father insisted on moving his family around all the time and by the age of 15 l had already had something like twenty different homes never mind the schools, the uprooting, the constant moving – it takes it’s toll! Never mind all the moving l carried out as a teenager and young adult all the way through till now!

I mean this house l am currently in is the longest residency at 4 years [2016 – 2020] since the Caravan years of 2009 – 2012, prior to that was the house in Dunsby 2007 – 2009 although the marriage was three stages long as well or three moves between the years 1994 – 2007. But between 2012 – 2016 including my relationship with Suze which began in 2013 l, and we as a couple moved six times before arriving here.

I left home really at 18 and was mostly nomadic in my living arrangements till 1993 when l hit 30 – so for twelve years l must have moved 8 times, not including the times when l simply lived in hotels for quarter to half the year at a time! So when l say to Suze that this particular move to the new rental ‘The Dug Out’ next month’ish will be the last till l buy my forever home – l really mean it. I have worked out that including living with my parents l have lived in a total 40 different houses! No more, it tires and burns a soul out! There just comes a point when you say NO MORE!!

The deconstruction of this house started in earnest yesterday – we have a lot of stuff here in a relatively big bungalow and we are both moving to smaller abodes! Now the time has come to really make things count. Plus both of our rental dwellings are very different to this place.

I was sitting down last night and drawing up the plans of how we start to downscale this place with a view to packing and it’s a nightmare! It’s not just the house, but the garden and not just the garden but also the composting station!! Then it’s the shed and the loft space! We started on that last night …. luckily there isn’t much up there! Plus also, most of it is Suze’s .. she admitted last night that perhaps she is a bit of a haorder!

I mean considering that literally only a few months ago l had a one tonne skip here for a full clear out which left completely and utterly full, l am now going to have to order a one tonne Hippo bag for another clearout of stuff? Sure there is a lot of recycling going on, but what we can’t take with us or isn’t being thrown out or donated to charity [which the latter alone is hard work in the current climate] we are having to really examine and decide whether we can upcycle another ‘s stuff to our lifestyle and then if needs be it will be left!

As is always the way … there are giggles to be found and one such moment was Suze’s discovery of a bag filled with plastic raincapes from Legoland when she and her grandchildren had visited back in 2017.

The loft turned out to be one of the smallest and easiest clear outs with rubbish identified quickly, but l got some nice upcycles out of the deal, so l am well happy. But of my new ‘me’ in the flat will be more colour – if you have seen the sheer volume of white you’ll agree lots of colours are needed!!

The garden or rather the compost is going to be seriously hard work and l have already started which is why l am so tired both today and yesterday as there is a lot of clearing up, tidying up and taking down going on. I am to leave a workable compost system for the next tenant as well as Sam next door has said he’ll take whatever compost we are not intending to use and then there is the compost that Suze and l will need for our own gardening needs.

May not sound like anything substantial … but it really is! My current wooden compost units which are very productive have to be turned over and sieved out, seperated and broken down … l aim to have this all achieved by the end of this month.

I am gifting Sam the original composters l used in 2016/17 – I am not going to charge him for them, Sam is a friend and a fellow composter and this early system will be way better than what he has – but it also allows me to shift off a lot of unsieved and unworked compost into this system therefore allowing me to break down the wooden composters faster and really start the breakdown process… it’s logical and practical.

I am leaving a good operating system for the next tenant as well – the green and the grey bins will hold a good capacity between them. I have yet to decide what to do with all the black bins as l simply have so many of them! I guess both Suze and l will take some to the new houses, perhaps Sam might buy a couple of the others.

I worked for a good few hours today at risk of life and limb as well cleaning out the behind the sheds area .. l accidentally disturbed a bumblebee nest!! Suddenly a swarm of big and angry bees came flying out and started dive bombing me! I was very concerned … bumblebees have smooth stingers so if they sting you it’s going to hurt and not kill them!! I stood my ground and tried to show them it wasn’t an attack merely an accident – but it is going to make moving the strulch mulch hard tomorrow!! I think the nest is under the pallet!

I tried taking a photograph, but with my camera it’s very hard to capture shots of moving bumblebees. The suspected nest is l believe below the fold in the blue oversheet between the two slabs, however at this point l had 15 bumbles buzzing around me!

There’s a lot of work to be done in this area in addition to the compost, but l have made a start …. when l leave here, 90% of all of this will be gone with just the three composters left standing. Ha ha it took me three years to perfect this area and it’ll take me less than a month to downscale it or ‘move it!’

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

20 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 20.15 – 07/06/20

  1. You’re a trooper. After a few days of hard organizing, you will manage it.
    My best wishes dear friend

  2. Moving is sooooooo hard. I feel your pain. I have been decluttering for 2 years and still have more to go. Hopefully, my next house will be my last move until I leave feet first.

  3. I haven’t moved very often at all. With my mother & brother we liven in one apartment my entire pre k & elementary school years ages 3-11, then moved with stepdad 11-17, then moved summer before senior year 17-18, then I moved out. Then i was homeless, 2 apartments with ex until the family home, an apartment with daughters & Ben when we were evicted from the family home after he left, then here a little over 10 years ago.

    Not much moving at all really. What I would love is a tiny little studio or granny flat at the beach. One room with a kitchen and bath. That’s all I need. Maybe someday…

  4. The legoland rain capes look like a happy moment to recall some fun! Good luck with the sorting and packing! A big chore indeed. 😊

    1. Mm, the bumbles were not happy, they may not be so forgiving once l move that pallet – l may have to remove the content but leave the pallet in situ.

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