Well You Prompted Me

A Drunken Ode to Futuristic Poetry 2025

“Hic! Ere you!!  Yeah you two lovebirds, paying clients hic of the Duck and the Rose, hic do you wanna hear my point of view? About the future of words l am about to compose? If l was you, l would listen, to what l hic have to say, see it’s my mission – To hic educate and relay what l think is going on to the world as we know it and It aint no acidic yarn as some might lead you to believe and at the same time it aint a tub of noggin spit!!

So, pull up a stool, buy me a whiskey shot and a beer, plonk yourself down beside me hic here and l’ll tell you all my secrets and intimacies, be patient, it’ll be a cathartic experience trust me!

The world is no longer as it once was, things are different now and why?
Well, just because! We must move with the times and not rely upon what used to be the way forwards and not think the future is dire! The new normal is found in Centralance Datachip words! Meaning old ways may well be set to expire? Will it spell out the fall from grace? Letters are now a mere expenditure! Technical advancements only witnessed in cyber space even replacing html editors!

The notice of the year will become almost law with no reprieve for wordsmithing criminals, who choose to publish mercilessly with deliberated grammatical flaw!!

There’ll be no shortcuts although the end’ll not be over too quick, words, verse, and lyrics will no longer simply strut, across oceans of pages like the slippery dicks! Nooooooo, those days whilst here now, as in today, will be gone, like the inuendo above they’ll resign like a tedious notion flying off into the sunset like the golden goose or dove!  Hic

Imagine if you will, or can an exchange between two technically minded people, of different ages too.  The youngster using the new Datachip Speakable Language about the efficiency of brand-new applications that the world would have to use in the future of digital produce!

The elder unimpressed preferring the simplicity of just words and not the potential introduce of even more stress! Another unnecessary language for others to learn!

The youngster would laugh “Dchip words” would be now a new path of literacy and that the world had turned! It wasn’t that words were to be forgotten, or become understated, they would always be important. Be they created from the technical mind or a quill pen. Words would always be a continuance in documents!

The elder techhead would look over the shoulder of the young designer – the upcoming elite and think back to the days when he wasn’t the older and had sat in the jump seat of the real future with his fingers on the buttons of tomorrow and how was it that so much time had passed him by all of a sudden? How had he lost touch?

The future is a thief and the stealer of respect, and yet still writers nod their heads in disbelief but sadly they will come to accept the new ways of tomorrow, there is nowhere to bury their heads in the sands, nor time to drop them in sorrow, life will become all about the efficiency of digital hands that take to dancing across keys like those that worship the sunny jubilees of homecoming parade queens and their bands!!

Of course the new ways, the new ages of reading are now up on us, we have no choice if we wish to keep up, we cannot be overrun and allow it all to surpass who we are, we can’t be runners up to our own minds, we must keep going and not fall behind the future of tomorrow is found in today  … it’s just the way!

Wait, where are you going? What do you mean, l am an old man rambling,  this is the future l talk of and l am not unknowing … l know these things, because l am not the designer of today, but the older from yesterday and this is the way, the way all our words are going!

© Rory Matier 2020

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