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The world jokes about zombie plagues and the apocalypse and cataclysmic events that will turn us all into flesh eating maniacs?? I don’t know why they panic so, seeing as most of the world is already stuck to a phone or some other connection already, the world is being manipulated by technology, so in essence zombification is in full swing, it is not flesh they seek, but connection – not even traditional connection, but the falsehood of electronic connection. It is not even ‘power and knowledge’ they seek, because in truth most of the society has now got too much knowledge at their fingertips and hasn’t got a clue how to best utilise it, they have in some cases lost their ability to think for themselves – another form of zombification!

Rory Matier


Humanity is mind-controlled and only slightly more conscious than your average zombie.

David Icke

Mostly everyone these days is ‘connected’ to something – smart phones, iPods, laptops and whatever else there is currently going on out there in the big world we all share. I have seen children as young as 8 holding mobile phones, and they can have huge directories of electronic friends, so as young as 8 [maybe lower] society and its progressive technology is ‘turning’ them into zombies! Adults comment on this openly and say it is shameful! However, they are oft seen as texting this on their mobile phones to their own electronic friends – which is kind of ironic! And this makes them also zombies but let us be polite and class them as Technozombies. .. and YET, the world jokes about societal zombification never happening?

Rory Matier

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  1. I would walk into Younger Daughter’s bedroom, where she and a group of friends were hanging out, and see them all staring at their phones.
    When I and my friends hung out, we talked, listened to music, INTERACTED with each other… (unless everyone was super high, then we all grooved to the tunes in our own little worlds😉)

    Zombies indeed!

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