RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

Season 2 – Game 6


Just 5 questions …..

Do you believe in ‘love at first sight?’
Cake, Dessert or ice cream and if not, why not and if so which one and why?
If you were to dance to music when no one was looking to judge or criticise or laugh what music would you listen to?
Could you spend the night in the property on 108 Ocean Avenue formerly numbered as 112 Ocean Avenue aka The Amityville Horror House or any property in which there has been a significant and profound event or even a reputedly haunted house or would it simply not bother you?
Have you ever had your palm read, your tarot done or any other alternative prediction rituals performed?

 ….. 5 Easy Questions!

23 thoughts on “RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

  1. 1. Yes.
    2. Ice cream please!
    3. I’d dance to the pop warm-up 130BPM playlist on Spotify. I do now anyways.
    4. No way!
    5. No but I do tarot myself at times.

  2. 1) Lust, yes… love, no

    2) yes please. All of it. Cheesecake is my fave though

    3) I DO dance, in the grocery store, with my cart, to whatever is playing. I suit my moves to the music😉😂

    4) not a good idea for a sensitive like me. I’m not afraid, I just need anymore yuckies in my life. I’ve had quite enough already TYVM

    5) I’ve never had any professional readings. I’d love to try it out. Well, I have had a full astrological chart done, but there was no personal interpretation they did the chart, wrote some generic stuff & sent it to me🤷🏼‍♀️ for $20.00 it’s about what I expected.

      1. 1. Yes if it’s Kate Humble
        2. Cheesecake
        3. A bit of Mongolian ….
        4. Yes can’t be as scary as a teenagers bedroom
        5. Had my palm read by a girlfriend at Uni who claimed to be an expert. Proved to be as accurate as the weather forecast.

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