My Ol’ Great Grandpappy The Yarner!

My Ol’ Great Grandpappy The Yarner!

It all started with that old shoe box,
… the camera, the map, and the unforgettable images!
it’s thrown me into a complete flummox …
… and my imaginations are now unlimited!
For sure there is no denying,
…. My ol’ grandpappy well, what can l say?
He lived a full on exciting…
…. Life each and every day!
It mattered not that he was 107 years of age!
He said that his best day was marrying …
…. That long rosy oceanic haired mermaid!
We always figured he meant she was a pescatarian!
None of us took him that seriously and yet …
… as l look at the camera, and the maps too,
Perhaps there was something more to it?
Now that he has upped and gone right outa the blue!

See, my great grandpappy was an eccentric entrepreneur…
…. That’s for sure,
And he was always talking of distant treasures …
… and how as an avid adventurer,
It was his duty to journey, trek and explore,
…into the unknown regions of the world…
Ignoring the naysayers about getting old!
He too was a keen cryptozoologist, zoologist,
Ecologist, biologist, cosmologist, mythologist and archaeologist..
… who knew more’n most about the unusuals..
Of the world and as a great yarner told tall stories that ..
…could make your toes curl!!

I remember him saying one day early this year,
… son, one day soon, l am gonna just git up’n-go!
I ain’t getting any younger and there’s still frontiers,
… to be romped and stomped  upon, you know?
He was always a bit of a charmer!
He liked nothing more than the telling and retelling…
…. Of tall stories, tales of make believe and the forever yarner,
So l guess, that’s what he has gone and done!
…. Questing once more for rosy haired mermaids and fun!

© Rory Matier 2020

My thanks to both Paula of Light Motifs II for Thursday Inspiration 59 and Sadje of Keep it Alive for What do you see # 32- 1st June 2020

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  1. This is such a great, entertaining story Rory. I can almost see that 107 years old adventurer in my mind. Thanks for joining in the prompt

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