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Wednesday 03rd June 2020
New Season 11 – Series 7
This Week – Stetsons and Saddlebags
Angie of  King Ben’s Grandma and  Omatra7 of Learning Life and  Gary of Bereaved Single Dad and Suzanne of Ellie894

Kritika of Undressed Thoughts and l wish everyone a totally fantastic Glowing wednesday! Have a great day everyone!

Here’s some Pink Floyd for you Kritika for your afternoon.

This week’s Featurette “Mix It Up & Play Me Playlist!” Stetsons and Saddlebags Theme.

This Weeks songs are dedicated to the following readers ..

Omatra7 of Learning Life
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Suzanne of Ellie894
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

01st – 07th June Stetsons and Saddlebags [Mixitup]– This week’s all about Giddy Up and Yeehaw!

Hank Williams Jr. Texas Women
Lady Gaga John Wayne
Gene Autry Back in the Saddle
ELO Wild West hero
Waylon Jennings Good Ol’ Boys
Eastbound and Down Smokey and the Bandit
America A Horse with No Name
Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy

Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen is today’s Morning Guest Star and to make her day start with sparkles … something special!

Have a great day folks!!

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  1. Good Morning Friend 🙂
    Have a Glowing Wednesday all.
    Thank you for Pink Floyd. The music is energizing.

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