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Season 2 – Spring Summer 2020
Series 2 – “Awakening to Changes”
Wednesday 03rd June 2020 – Stroll Time 25 Mins
The House Beyond

Two ‘House Names’ close to Where l live – of which one of these will resonate with one of my readers from another post and a discussion she and l had this week. I found it strange in some ways as l had never noticed the name of one of these houses before today that being ‘Patches’ whilst the other “The House Beyond’ has always been a name that l felt a lot of connectivity with…. and it seems quite appropriate today with regards my immediate future.

At times it is very hard to find ‘just the right type/style and even genre of music’ to accompany my posts here … when l am strolling, thinking, observing, pondering and musing and photographing – l do have pieces of music floating around my head. I disccused in question form recently with a friend about the sensuality of writing and essences and energies that many writers adopt and adapt into their creativity and imaginationing of words.

Of how very, very important it is to understand what inner style of writer you are – me whilst l am eclectic l am also very much a sensual writer – not to be misinterpreted with purely sexual writing – l have many sexual readers who are very fluent in sexual expression through their words and their poems without leaning towards the actual sexuality itself … the warmth and hunger of their words is more than apparent. But sensual writers take on board more of an inner core energy from their withins when creating … everything is critical to the right deliverence …

So the absolute need for sensual desire in everything that you have around you is essential to success – from what you smell, to how you visualise, to how your mind perceives the scents and senses. What you touch and the vibrations that resonate back into your energies will dictate to your core how you are to be seen today by you. Everything becomes as one with you. So music and the right music can prove very difficult to marry off with words at times.

This particular series of music captured the stroll of this morning well – it allowed me to clarify and focus on my steps forwards from today, tomorrow and yesterday – it allows me to further attract more in the ways of abundance and energy, Good music and a good stroll and a great natural balance awards peace, calmness and harmony.

I am quite taken with this species – they are Mullein moth caterpillars [Shargacucullia verbasci] I have watched them decimate this plant over the last month.

Today’s stroll was a small one, a snippet in so far as time is concerned – 25 minutes – but l wanted today to be calmer and quieter and more of a senses stimulation for me. I set off slightly later but still earlier than life around here starts the day. I saw Suze stride off for her Nordic walk at just after 6am and by the time l had showered l was out of the gate by 6.35am.

Today was literally going to be a nature walk around parts of the neighbourhood.

It was a gentle stroll and totally relaxing and just what my mind needed. I will have a very busy six weeks ahead of me now l feel. Like Suze with her property of last week and now going through the referencing l too have just joined that machine process. I had my eyes on a property in Deal, l was supposed to be viewing this Friday – but the landlord pulled the rug from the agents and let friends of his rent it. However as is normally the way – as one door closes, another opens and that happened.

A much better 2 bedroomed flat appeared on the doorstep and it 100% better than the one l had my eyes on. It is an ex holiday letting but is really now ideal for a bachelor apartment. It ticks so many boxes it is uncanny and spooky at the same time … l viewed it yesterday evening and fell in love within 90 seconds – l knew it was right for me.

Not far from where l am now – Kingsdown to Deal and second image showing middle location to both castles and close to town centre and pier and beach front.

The housing agent and the landlord both liked me – l know, how could they not? I am a likable chap even at my own concession. It’s not far from where l live now – less than 10 minutes by car [2.3 miles] – it is a stone’s throw from the beach, close to the centre of Deal town and more importantly – well see for yourselves ..

…. unlike the other flat which didn’t have anywhere specifically for plants … this one has a courtyard – it is below street level, but has excellent garden containment space and a garden shed. Despite its smaller size it is actually a larger property – the term would be cosy in the right areas and practical and efficient in others. But should l pass my reference checks satisfactory then l will be writing about this property anyway. It’s a modern refurbishment and has everything l need all close to my fingertips – it’s brilliant. But l can still have my slice of nature. In addition to this … there is actually an Allotments near by [behind the property itself more or less, so if the desire ever arose]

I received my ‘The landlord is happy for you to ….” email this morning .. so finger crossed that no one dilly dallies with my references and all going well l could be moving in sometime later July like Suze which would make it a lot easier and less of an administrative nightmare.

I saw my current landlord yesterday and explained everything to her and she was very supportive – l have always got on well with her – she talks my language as in ‘direct black and white’. I explained what we would be doing, what we would be leaving which actually enhances her property and the rough time scales of departure. Yesterday l wasn’t aware of the ‘house beyond’ but hey that was yesterday and as we all know these days … everything changes!

I have a very busy time ahead of me now, there is a lot of life to unpack here – a lot more deconstruction before reconstruction can commence – but it’s all good and l feel motivated, positive and happy. I will close with this last image that is somehow quite befitting of …

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Not this fella …. l see the light!

Thanks for reading catch you all again soon.

14 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. The photos are terrific, and certainly the new abode is terrific but you want to hear something amusing? I’m watching “Escape to the Country” – what can I tell you, I love house hunting shows. We had exhausted all that were available on BritBox or Acorn, I don’t remember which; my PBS/UK station is running old ones so I went looking for new ones and found them on Youtube – okay, that’s the back story – the other night I was watching an episode wherein Deal was mentioned and I thought “Why is that name so familiar” then the penny dropped. So I have recently ‘toured’ your part of the world and it is lovely!

  2. Brilliant !! A space for a small composting set up and a few containers for growing food. And AvaπŸ₯‘can have some air & sunlight. Have to find her a container with wheels. Maybe an old janitor’s mop bucket??
    πŸ€πŸ€ž I hope it goes smoothly.

    Sven would help that plant by nom nomming those fat juicy caterpillars. He would if he didnt think he was in Australia facing winter. The silly Dragon is BrumatingπŸ™„πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ


  3. “Good music and a good stroll and a great natural balance awards peace, calmness and harmony.” so beautifully said and I so agree!
    Yay, having some space for plants is wonderful! Good luck πŸ˜‰
    Always see the light πŸ˜‰

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