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We live in a questioning world so it’s hardly surprising that there are so many questions that are asked by people every day, week and month is it? This feature will ask you all sorts of questions – but will only ever ask you 12 questions per month. You can answer them in the comments section below or create a post on your own blog should you wish to – that’s your choice.

In many ways this feature will be a no holds barred styled questions arena – covering many topical areas, controversial, opinionated – taboo orientated and just general and light hearted – just questions about people and things from all walks of life!

Additionally should any of the readership wish to pose a question to be featured within 12 Bloggerz in the future episodes – please drop me an email to


Cheers Rory

How spontaneous are you?
How flirtatious would you say you are and if that is not the word you would use then try the alternatives of ‘teasing or playful’ either way – how much are you of this?
How serious are you as a person?
Do you think the older we become certain emotions are easier to handle – say as an example ‘grief?’
What is the most adventurous thing you have done to date?
What’s the craziest or riskiest thing you have ever done and simply got away with it or gotten caught doing it?
What do you think the future is of dating and other ‘other’ now that social distancing has become part of your life? Will your life ‘up close and personal’ with people now be different?
How different do you really think you are to the next person – are you prim and proper, or straight laced and serious, wild and abandoned or rebellious and controversial?
During this time of global concern how has your thinking changed with regards the planet, conservation, climate issues …..or has it not changed one little bit?
What ‘topical issues’ considered ‘taboo’ by society are you deeply passionate with and about to the point of doing something about it?
What’s more important and or is there a difference between ‘Friendship and Companionship and if so what is that difference?
What is your passion with regards writing genres – 1] what is your chosen genre and 2] what is the genre you might like to write about but lack confidence to start?

So there we go folks – you are on your own with regards your answering below or in your own blog – looking forward to seeing your answers either way!

Thanks for reading


See you next month! – July 2020

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          1. Ha ha 🙂 Some of those things are built to last, my ex father n law and l one night, twenty odd years ago happen chanced upon some old lamp lights that the council were looking to destroy — well they were just too good to miss so we helped them destroy them by installing them into one of my warehouses that housed animals at the time!!

            Good golly Missy Molly, but they sure were bright – it was like day light at 3am !

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