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Responding to two prompters today … Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind with Share Your World 6-1-2020 and drtanya@saltedcaramel with Blogging Insights # 31 – Posts about the Pandemic

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Share Your World 6-1-2020

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Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

I think the first question as a counter back from me would be what are you defining as a crime? Crimes are performed everyday by all sorts of people who probably don’t even know they are commiting a crime. If you are talking about a crime as per decreed as illegal by the laws that govern your country … then NO. It is not okay to commit a crime. As l say “If you do the crime prepare to do the time!”

But we do come back to definition of the crime itself.

Do you deal with change well? 

Before this current period in time l would have said – well yes l do, if allowed the time to absorb! However Times change, people change, environments change, behaviours change and relationships change – do l deal with change well?

Oh yes, very much so and l am getting better with change by the day and am beginning to feel lost without any so – … bring it on and add some whipped cream, melted chocolate and cherries and let me lick it off!

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?   

I love birds – not to eat, but to listen to the bird song and watch them feed and fly and frolic and bathe. These are the photos l took this morning at 6.15am of some of the local Wood pigeons. Birds have the most tremendous personalities.

What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

I have a single tie left which l don’t wear but l refuse to let go – next to that single tie is a series of waistcoats that l am keeping for whenever l decide to start my Vlogcasts. This post here – highlights the tie in question … Decluttering my Yesterdays although the tie in question is above. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s it was worn 19 times. It’s an original zoot suit 1955 silk Mammy Yokum tie!


I am grateful for deep meaningful conversations with friends.


How frequently do you post about the pandemic? Please share links to a couple of your “pandemic posts” that you particularly like. If you have not written anything about Coronavirus/COVID-19 (seems unbelievable) what are your reasons for this?

I haven’t specifically written about the pandemic directly although when lockdown first began for the UK 23rd March l wrote indirectly about the events in both Dear Blog episodes and Morning Musings episodes.

What kind of “posts about the pandemic” do you like to read? (If you don’t, then please tell us why?)

I haven’t specifically read anything directly about Covid 19 not within posts apart from your two Tanya Lifting the Lockdown too early ? and 8 Ways to deal with coronavirus/COVID-19 related anxiety & stress and if l have read about it in WordPress it is usually like my own style – indirect.

I have opted for that style because it isn’t my entire life, but it is part of life and affects my life. I think at this stage of the game people are not specifically hyperfocused on reading about it directly as the news is pressing and depressing, but they will read about it indirectly – because now C19 is a way of new world life.

How have you and your blog adapted to “the new normal”?

Incorporating the new normal as you call it and it is so defined by literally including it where and when it is relevant in normally defined posts concerning life. Pandemic is sadly very real – but until it actually starts to affect people personally and directly then it is just news that is current, concurrent and recurrent.

The news is no longer shocking people and this sadly introduces complacency – l think when the second waves strike a whole new form of normal life will take over existing normal life. Then we will see more fresher posts present.

Have you seen any change in your blog stats during the pandemic? Also, are you posting more or less than you used to?  

Till around a month ago l was posting mainstream 4 posts a day and l had broken my 3 posts a day schedule – l upped my fourth post in as a way of l think coping with the stress of the C19 threat, but and however once it started to normalise itself and l was able to calm down l stopped producing 4 posts a day and resumed my normal 3 with an occasional ‘4th’ post.

Did l notice a spike – yes l did in the first month – there were more readers and stats rose exponentially. I don’t specifically watch stats these days but l had made a deliberate and cognitive decision to produce 4 posts daily for the first 6 weeks and as a result of that my figures spiked noticeably. Since resuming my 23 posts weekly over that of the brief 28 my stats have dropped marginally, but in the last week have risen again.

My main aim is to produce variety and this has l hope a much wider appeal to readerships so my stats will rise again but due to content over frequent quantity.

My thanks to drtanya@saltedcaramel for the Blogging Insights Questions 31#

13 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me!!

  1. I clicked the link about your tie. I wasn’t familiar with the character or the strip. I like her! Seems like some folks I know😉
    Also, WOW! I’m sure a collector would love to acquire it to add to their collection. Very cool, JB. Very cool!😎

    Your British pigeons are prettier than their American cousins.

    1. Oh yes, collectors would love the tie, last time l had it valued was 2007 and it was worth £3-400 quid – l had thought of trying to chase down others like it 🙂

      What is the American cousin looking like?

        1. Gulls are moving inland because their fishing rights to the oceans are being ransacked by mankind. This is becoming more of a recognised problem.

        2. That’s some tie. That would be the fashion rage in Barnard Castle. Variety is good. I’m conscious mine can be a bit narrow so I do occasionally force myself to branch out occasionally. Your blog is spot on.

  2. Interesting answers and some great views Rory.
    I like the way you put it that what we write about the pandemic is “indirect” as opposed to direct articles about the virus and disease.

  3. Aw! Thanks Rory for the wonderful nod, and for Sharing Your World!! My goodness about that tie!! Being rather obsessed with cartoons and comics (the written and drawn kind), I knew about Lil’ Abner. That tie IS rare and I’m sure worth quite a lot of money, It looks to be in mint condition too. Wow!!! <3

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