I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

#7 – 02/06/2020

Welcome to ‘I Am Ok … Thanks for asking!



The post below will give readers a heads up to the series …. but principally this  is just asking the smallest of questions ….

I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking! #6 – 20/05/2020

which is …

… So, how are you all doing this week then?

Let me know below or if you wish, please feel free to drop me an email here aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com if you just want to chat, vent or moan and need a listening ear. It’s perfectly fine.

So, How am l doing?

71 days since the 23rd March and since that day l have really only been out of the house as in not just walking, but actually out of the village twice!

Astonishing when you run the comparison between Suze and myself – but then Suze really missed not being allowed out of the house and l was more meh bleurgh and content with being here. But also not forgetting l wasn’t going 53 and 7 quarters of bat shit crazy with lockdown like Suze was in week 2.

The first time out of the village was on the 28th March for a curbside collection of groceries and the last time out was last Friday afternoon when l went along for the ride to view Suze’s prospective house which she had an appointment for the next day.

Have l missed not being able to go out? No, not in the slightest! I haven’t missed the concrete jungle in the slightest!

All in all, even with everything going on, l am quite upbeat … lots of changes that l have to adapt with at a much faster pace than normal – l have had to become a faster version of me to keep the momentum going – Life’s just too short to worry about some things , you know?

Like l was really excited about a property l was going to be viewing this coming Friday but the letting agents it would appear have screwed me over and so l have to evolve to that and realise l’ll not be getting that property now … l am angry at the way the agents didn’t notify me … BUT Life’s too short to worry about it – if it’s gone there will be others!

But l am actually, Ok. Thanks for asking.

How are you all doing?

Let me know below in the comments section!

12 thoughts on “I Am Ok …. Thanks for asking!

  1. Oh, that sucks about the property! It sounded perfect. Well… something better will come along and you have time. Especially since you’ll be in the house a while still.

    I’m still doing good for the most part. Rioting in the nearby cities has brought curfew the past couple nights. I was going to make a run to the store for more of HRH juice last night but had to postpone to today sometime.
    Little bumps really. Just like Ben’s hard days are little bumps.
    Life is a long road…I’d rather focus on the good parts. I’ve had enough “breakdowns” already🤦‍♀️

      1. Yeah… there were several building burnt and some looting in the nearby city on Sunday night. So all the small cities in the area did 7pm-7am curfew. I still saw people out & about🤷🏼‍♀️
        Things are getting worse and worse here in US. If there isnt some change in November its gonna be bad…very bad!

          1. Depends on who you ask. Honestly the majority of people dont like him. He LOST the popular vote in 2016. But because of redrawing of district lines and a bunch of other political shenanigans he was able to win the “electoral college”. I think he’ll be voted out, but Biden isn’t the greatest either.
            The real question is… Will Trump leave? Or will he try to become a Facist Dictator? He’s messed up enough to try.

  2. Take care dear friend! Disappointments are hard to take but are still a big part of life. You’ll find something even better.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  3. What is meant to be will be… for some reason that place wasn’t right for you. You will find the perfect place and love it!

    1. Hey Omatra, very very much so, that’s my attitude too – l have another viewing in the next few hours of a nice quirky place also 🙂

      It is slightly better as it has an outdoor courtyard which is nicer for some plants 🙂

      1. Nice!! Hope you love it… and the courtyard would be perfect for you to have a little mini easy to take care of garden, if you wanted!

        It’s sounds really nice! You will have to share what happens!!

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