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Series 1 – Episode 8

Is Space Really the Final Frontier? Erm, no – not really it would only technically take you an hour to drive to outer space in the car at 60mph … l mean hardly final and hardly frontier kind of stuff now is it?

Moonbows or Lunar Rainbows are Rainbows that appear only at night and happen mostly near vast areas of water such as waterfalls and mists and only ever truly appear when the moon is full!

Forget swimming the arctic – for more wholesome adventures try swimming in the arteries of a Blue whale! If it could be done – it could be done! Not that it could actually be done so in essence you would be trying in vain at trying to swim the vein!

Nothing quite beats bubblewrap – well that’s not entirely true – there’s a lot that can beat bubblewrap as long as it doesn’t pop it. So beat the wrap but don’t pop the rap! Bubblewrap was originally invented for use as wallpaper in 1957 however it soon became noted to be the ideal popping material in 1960 and so was marketed into packaging!

When is a boner not a boner?? When it is an out-take not to be mistaken with ‘take out’ said boner. Bloopers’ used to be called boners … mm, l wonder why they changed that then? Simply can’t imagine!

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12 thoughts on “Didja Kno

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Bubble wrap wallpaper!?!?! Why do I kind of want that?? Lol …

    That’s hilarious – wallpaper lol … I would have to renew my wallpaper often lol … we would constantly be popping lol …how do you not???

    That is definitely something I was not aware of lol … probably a good thing

  2. Bubblewrap used as wallpaper… I’m not sure whether to laugh or shake my head in disbelief!

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