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Monday 01st June 2020
The Day of the WP Launch of Block Editor [Everyone cross your fingers!!]
New Season 11 – Series 7
This Week – Stetsons and Saddlebags
Angie of  King Ben’s Grandma and  Omatra7 of Learning Life and  Gary of Bereaved Single Dad and Suzanne of Ellie894

Paula of Light Motifs II and l wish you all a totally awesome Waffle Monday!

To make your day more popping pop up’ Paula – here you go!

This week’s Featurette “Mix It Up & Play Me Playlist!” Stetsons and Saddlebags Theme

This Weeks songs are dedicated to the following readers ..

Omatra7 of Learning Life
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Suzanne of Ellie894
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

01st – 07th June Stetsons and Saddlebags [Mixitup] – This week’s all about Giddy Up and Yeehaw!

Garth Brooks – Ain’t Goin Down
Due South TV series Ride Forever
Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
ACDC – Ride On
Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song
The Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil went down to Georgia
Pat Benatar – Outlaw blues
ZZ Top – La Grange

Suzanne of All My Heart Sees – here’s wishing you a totally awesome Monday and to liven up your day here’s some Morris Day! Have a truly fabulous day!

Have a great day folks!!

30 thoughts on “The Hello

          1. We’re right on the edge of summer, hot and humid and mosquitos! Until it’s so hot it dries everything up and the mosquitos too. 🙃

            1. Yes, l thought you were still in summer, l guess l was confused by the still dark comment just looking now 06.13am … over here in the summer time it gets lighter and lighter in the mornings till the longest day 21st June – then each night after that it heads towards late summer and autumn and loses 2 minutes every day. Then the clocks go back 29th October.

              Is Texas still dark in the mornings at 5ish?

              1. Dark enough to still see the stars at 5ish. By 6 it is getting light and stays light until at least 9. It’s better to walk late in the evening when it gets very hot but I’m terrible at that. I like when the days of autumn best and when it gets dark earlier. Our time changes back in early November. 😊

              2. Yes l also love autumn, but love the heat of summer when present, the colours of autumn and spring but not the cold of winters.

                Well have yourself a truly lovely day Suzanne 🙂

              3. A lot of times winter doesn’t get very cold here so it can be more an extension of autumn without so much color. This year spring has been especially nice here, weather wise. Thank you Rory, you too 😊

  1. Good afternoon JB! Waffle Day is it? I guess my indecision will work then… OOHHHH… the food? Alrighty then, a crispy, buttery, sticky day to you😉
    Great Tunes🎶💃🏼 the four of us done good🤠🥳💌

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