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Sunday 31st May 2020
New Season 11 – Series 7
This Week – The 80’s!!

Lisa of Lismore Paper and l would like to wish each and everyone of you, our readers a totally Awesome Saucesome Summer Sundae Sunday – you know, there are mouthfuls and then there are mouthfuls! ASSSS is a mouthful!! Oh wait a moment that doesn’t look right … anyway – moving along – have a terrific day!

To make your day launch with a boom Lisa – here – enjoy!

Next week a new Featurette “Mix It Up & Play Me Playlist!” Stetsons and Saddlebags Theme – should you wish to receive a dedication let me know a song below and l will add you and your blog in on the fun of the week’s music!

Welcome to 80’s Week!! Last Day!

This morning’s songs are dedicated to the following readers ..

Di of Pensitivity 101
Ashley – Mental Health @ Home
Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap
Betty of Guideline’s Web
Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures
Paula of Light Motifs II
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Suzanne of Ellie894
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts

Grace of Broadway Matron – here’s wishing you a totally fabulous Sunday and to brighten up your day – some quirky novelty!

Have a great day folks!!

24 thoughts on “The Hello

            1. No, it doesn’t – l mean the composting stations and vegetable gardens Kristian, Suze and l are moving apart and this is the start to the end of the seasons here.

  1. And it is indeed a beautiful morning here, cool and sunny for a few days more. So many silly songs way back then…but they were fun, weren’t they.

    1. Hey Grace, yes they were the world needs more silly songs – in fact l think that’s the next Mixitup Listing will award you a mention for the idea 🙂

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