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What’s Your Personality Type Then?

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma to those who don’t know is according to 16 Personalities an INFP whilst l am an INFJ-A. I took the test initially in 2015 then retook the test again this morning and received the same personality type result back. Suze took hers a couple of hours ago and she too is an INFP or in other words – Mediator styled personalities.

It’s not at all that complex, although it might look it …. l have seen these magical letters scattered throughout WordPress for the last few years so l know that many of my own readership are more than a little acquainted with the system itself and for those of you not then check out the following link…

Personality Test 16 Personalities

If you are not familiar with this particular Personality Test – perhaps you have used others in the past – if so which ones?

However this week the Magazine on a Bench Topic will be about Our Personalities and how close the test results really are to who we are personality wise?

This is ONLY the promotion post to the series and not the topical post so please do not answer any of the hypotheticals posed at this present time. The actual Topical post will be published later this week opening up the subject to discussion.

Should any of my readership like to join into this discussion please let me know in the comment section below.

Cheers Rory

15 thoughts on “Magazine on a Bench

  1. According to the Myers-Briggs I am an INTJ – one of the rarer personality types.LOL (I took the test in a RL situation not on-line.) I’m not sure what this discussion is but I’m in…

        1. But maybe I think that because of the foster kids, always fighting for them and showing them how to stick up for themselves. It feels like a strange tag: advocate, but maybe it’s part of the role to deny it.

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