It Was a Very Good Year?

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It Was a Very Good Year?

When I was seventeen
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for small town girls
And soft summer nights
We’d hide from the lights
Under the village green
When I was seventeen

When I was twenty-one
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for city girls
Who lived up the stairs
With all that perfumed hair
And it came undone
When I was twenty-one

Then I was thirty-five
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for blue-blooded girls
Of independent means
We’d ride in limousines
Their chauffeurs would drive
When I was thirty-five

But now the days grow short
I’m in the autumn of the year
And now I think of my life as vintage wine
From fine old kegs
From the brim to the dregs
And it poured sweet and clear
It was a very good year

It was a mess of good years

Source: Musixmatch

Three distinct years are mentioned in this song of Frank Sinatra’s. I grew up with this song playing in the household and by the time l was indeed 17 l knew it word for word. But l also remember those ages well – 17, 21 and 35 – do you?

Who were you and where were you for those ages – what were the years? Have you changed significantly from the person you were at 17 to the person you were at 35 and were they indeed ‘very good years?’

The bonus question should you wish to answer it is this …. answer the same questions for the ages of 25, 45 and 55. Alternatively looking at the six ages 17, 21, 25, 35, 45 and 55 – have you changed profoundly from the core of who you were at the beginning of the Life journey?’

For me ……. the 6 ages fell on the following years … 1980, 1984, 1988, 1998, 2008 and 2018 and have l changed profoundly from the inner core? Principally l am in many respects the same person l was at 17 albeit wiser and more wisened, life experienced and cynical. Were they good years?

They were years of adventure, discovery, loss, change and grief, great sadness, joys, excitements, loves and lusts, professional careers and adventuresome exploration physically, personally and mentally – they were good years, bad years and great years – with no regrets, many regrets but above everything they formed my fullest learning curve to this thing we call life.

BUT – this is just me – how about you?

Let me know your answers below or create a postal response of your own, your choice.

37 thoughts on “It Was a Very Good Year?

  1. I haven’t changed much at all, I don’t specifically remember being 17, 21 or 35, but I never feel any older, In my head I’m just 12. Which is why I get such a thrill from driving! 😉

  2. I’d say between 18 and 25 was when I was exposed to a lot more of the world and really got settled into who I am, but the core of me has been pretty much the same all along.

  3. when I was 17, it was a very strange year……I graduated high school and began university in another state..I became friends with people from all over the world. My dad showed his racism for the first time that I had ever acknowledged when I brought a young man from Ethiopia to visit the family home and Dad refused him entry for being “colored”. I began volunteering with the NAACP because of that. At 21 I was deeply involved with the racial equality movement, was arrested several times for basically being white while working with blacks….and my father disowned me. At 35, I was married for two years to the best friend I ever had and the love of my life. I was a “home-maker” for the first time, volunteered for several non-profits and went back to college.
    Now, I haven’t changed much…..just become more entrenched in the racial equality movement…..I am the same but profoundly different in how I go about trying to make changes to my country.

      1. My Very Long Answers:

        17 – 1985. It was a goodish year. I worked all summer, bought my first car, a 1970 Datsun 510 4door, red. I was only home to sleep & shower. Like most 17 year old people I thought I knew everything. I had money in my bank a6and I was waiting to move out of my mother’s house and REALLY live me life. My core personality hasn’t changed since then, but I was very insecure, codependent, a people pleaser.

        21 – 1989. I had my first child in 1989. It was a difficult year. A lot of changes and adaptations. My ex and I had been homeless, sleeping in my car and occasional motel rooms. I was still working. In 1986 I started at the job I stayed with until disability. Still me, still insecure, worse really. Relationship with my partner wasn’t great. I was headed to my first deconstruction.

        25 – 1993. My deconstruction occured at age 23, in 1991. By age 25 I had built myself back up and my relationship with my Partner was vastly improved. We both did a LOT of work on ourselves and our relationship. This was a very good time period. After having a miscarriage in 1993, I got pregnant again in 1994 and my Younger Daughter was born later that year.

        35 – 2003. Headed toward my 2nd deconstruction. I went on disability from work in September 2000 and was never able to return.
        My pain journey bottomed out with three months spent bedridden. I think that was the following year though. My relationship was suffering, my partner was relapsing with his sobriety more frequently.
        The pieces of me falling away until at 40 years old there wasn’t much left. Not a good year. The only good things were the freedom in 2008 from the abuse of my Partner (became my husband in 2004)and Ben being born 2 months later.

        45 – 2013 the reconstruction process had begun a couple of years prior. Ben was starting school, my pump had been implanted so my pain was managed for the first time. My case had been settled and I bought my car outright and got my mouth fixed. Younger Daughter, after much hard work, made up for missing nearly two years of school and graduated on time, with honors. 45 was a very good year. I was happy with who I was, I was secure and confident. Settled and content.

        52 – 2020 I am even more settled and happy with who I am. I refer to my Zen Unicorn and that was brought to consciousness in the autumn of 2019. Life is an amazing journey and although some roads have been very difficult, the journey has taken me through incredible experiences and I wouldn’t change a thing. I take as much joy from every moment that I can. I share my joy with whoever wants to share it, and I look forward to continuing to explore!

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