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Thursday 28th May 2020
New Season 11 – Series 7
This Week – The 80’s!!
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Gary of Bereaved Single Dad and l greet everyone to today, not just a mere Thursday … Ooooooooooooh nooooooooo – nope, nada, nilcho – not just an ordinary Thursday but we wish every reader a fantastically awesome saucesome Chip Day Thursday!!

I had to give your morning song some serious thought Master Gary and l decided to serve you up this to go with the chip butty of course!

Welcome to 80’s Week!!

Betty – Tube Snake Boogie – 1981

Grace – Dixieland Delight – 1983

KristianAnt Music – 1980

Lisa – The Neverending Story – 1984 – Big Movie Themes

Suzanne – One of the Living – 1985

Angie Land of Hope and Glory – 1984

Paula – Free Fallin’ – 1989

Gary Fallen Angel – 1980

More Tomorrow! – If you would like an 80’s Week dedication drop me a comment below!

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Ribana – have yourself a fantastic Chip Day Thursday and to make your afternoon pass even quickly [well on account of tomorrow being Friiiiaay!] here’s some more Tina Turner from the 80’s![1984]

Have a great day folks!!

24 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. The “EX PISTOLS”, eh?? 🤔 Sex is a dirty, bad word?? If I pearls I should clutch them?🤣🤣🤣 Listening to Johnny, Sid & the boys makes me want to find a Mosh Pit!!
    Oh! I guess Mosh Pits are a thing of the past, eh? Dayum…

    I’m off to bed, I hope your Chips Thor’sDay is less painful! Catch ya in a few hours.
    Goodnight, JB🛌💤🦄🌊💌

  2. Good morning Rory and thank you very much! 🤩
    Today I had the feeling that is already Friiiiaay 😅…but luckily just another more few hours 😉
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Good morning Rory 😊 I’m very happy to see that you the dreaded G let you embed the mornings music 🎶 and nice rock outs they are too. 😊

  4. Thank you and Good Evening, Rory! We all enjoyed today’s music, as usual. But, I must say the Featherlies surprised us in their preference of The Village People over ZZ Top. So funny! I even had to go check on them to be sure they were okay. 😊

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