Dear Blog – 09.45 – 28/05/20

JSON Spells The Misgivings of No Winning In Our Faces!!

Mm, l am a little concerned given that June 01st is literally only days away – in the UK alone it is next Monday although some countries are already closer to that by a day! The big change over – the long awaited Gutenberg editor officially rolls out – replacing the totally comfortably efficient workable editor we currently enjoy with ‘two choices’ – the Gutenberg – Block editor and the Classic editor – the latter being the editor that was in situ before our current editor.

Last week – Saturday 23rd – l gave permission to a Happiness Engineer to activate the Gutenberg to my blog and since that date l have become run down working on unnavoidable [but apparently necessary] reconfigurations to all of my main pages and sub pages or anything that holds a table that is used daily or weekly in blog to the the Block Editor. Okay, l figured it was better to be prepared before June 1st in CASE there are any major issues – as a gamer l know there can be glitches to new things.

I mean that is why new expansions are put through the whole Alpha and Beta testings modules so as to avoid any major problems before the software, hardware or basically any product goes live to the actual end users. Of course there is still going to be a few glitches which is why for a week afterwards a new expansion in game received a multitude of Hotfixes – little maintenance repairs to iron over wrinkles or serious creases. Failing that there is of course the possibility of savvy devs inventing addons that do the job more efficiently.

So BEST and BETTER to be Prepared l figured – that last thing l would need is to have some kind of major crash or bomb in your face situation!

Now for the last 4 days l have been clocking in some serious hours with the Block Editor – even with dreaful pain through an abscess l have been clocking in the hours – 40 hours so far just correcting pages that the reader wouldn’t have seen as a problem anyway – only the publisher – because they are internal pages and the formatting is no longer compatible with the new editor so to make life easier l have been redesigning and in many cases recreating pages to run more smoothly.

Some pages are simple tasks and will only take 25 minutes, others can take an hour or 90 minutes but some pages are brutes and can literally take hours and hours upon hours to correct because they were large active pages to begin with – so there is a lot of copying, cutting and pastings as well complete textual overhaul.

It ‘s tiresome work because like now l have written since that last image four paragraphs, so that is four blocks. I choose to use ‘black’ as my colour for text and in the last editor all l needed to do was drag my cursor down the whole document and the colour black or blue or green or yellow with purple stripes and then hit that one colour and all the selected words would be covered INSTANTLY!! Now however l have to colour in each box with a system that doesn’t cover all the words at once even if they are highlighted and that, after a fucking while becomes somewhat frustrating! Did l hide my frustration there? I mean – WHY even in the same bloody box that is already black font, if l write new words does it not follow suit and insists on being default grey??

Why, are the simplest of basic requirements suddenly some of the hardest to perform? Why can one block not understand that if a default colour say ‘black’ is being used then all of the block is to be black and not black and default grey? Some of us – many of us in fact – like to have some very basic requirements met – like formatting – and it shouldn’t be that basic formatting is seen as complex formatting. I love attention to detail – but l feel that this is going to fail on that level … some details are just basic and basic common sense surely?

In my short time working with this new fancy editing tool, l have come across a few problems with the basic design – it is extremely time consuming on small tasks or posts, then it is extremely consuming on EVERYTHING else, it is laggy, it is generally frustrating, it’s not user friendly and if anything is uber unfriendly to said user, it is soul draining, and enthusiasm sapping, it’s tiring, there seems to be compatibility issues. I have serious problems with the internal block complexities. It reminds me of the phrase too many eggs in one basket.

I am confused in some respects as well … l mean if the Gutenberg was everything it’s cracked up to be then why is the Classic editor still available? if the Block editor could perform tasks for basic user and complex user alike with efficient ease, then we wouldn’t need two editors – we would just have one mainstream editor – but we don’t – we have two? That defies logics – it is almost as though despite everything WordPress are not 100% confident in the new editor either.

Last night whilst in the process of creating The Hello for this morning l experienced major problems – seriously big ones and they were the trigger to this post as well as me losing sleep and not sleeping and waking up incredibly early despite a much later to bed time! I retired to bed last night ahem, this morning at 1am and awoke again this morning after a restless night at 5am. The Hello is a post that normally takes 35 – 45 minutes to create and it takes that long because it is mostly a dedication to reader’s post. It holds music from You Tube and images from the directories.

Last night l started the post at 10.30pm and finished it at 1am!! Two and a half hours worth of absolute frustration caused by the Gutenberg. It wouldn’t save to draft, it wouldn’t save, it wouldn’t schedule or post date, it would not embed videos, it simply refused to function. Everytime l tried something l received the message “The response is not a valid JSON response.” which apparently is now being seen by more and more users and is only really seen with the Gutenberg Block editor …. I was flitting between Block and Classic towards the end.

I notified the engineers after finally completing the first draft of The Hello and there was no direct chat but they did respond to my message left via email – the first time they responded they displayed to me how l should be post scheduling – which l responded with ‘I know that, and l am doing that – this is different.” Then they responded with they were receiving complaints and maybe l should try switching browsers? I thought l am NOT doing that again … l am already on the suggested browser of Firefox, l detest Chrome and am not a huge fan of Safari.

In the end, tired and frustrated l tried a completely different tact – it was either this final move or 1] leaving the computer on all night, get up at the required time and then simply press publish or 2] get up early and write The Hello from scratch and publish direct. Neither of which l really fancied. But what l did was simply open a fresh ‘Create a New post’ and start the post again and hey presto everything that failed to work in the first post now worked perfectly! So come 1am, l was able to close my computer and go to bed and then spent a fitful night tossing and turning to be up four hours later!!

This morning at 6.25am the post The Hello went out swimmingly without a hitch or a visible glitch … but then l was like an expectant father on the hot bricks anyway …. additionally not long back l received another email from WordPress – despite how l feel about the editor at this present time – the Happiness engineers are l always find very helpful and responsve.

However that aside …. we are closing in on the 1st june at a rapid pace now and l am a little worried that this may not be entirely ready as a bit of kit just yet or that there may be more than a few teething problems. I hope for the sake of the small non-complex blogger that the issues of Gutenberg WordPress are fixed quickly because it is quite unsettling.

For those currently not using this editor there is a huge curve of learn to be adopted and whilst l feel as l have written this week already that for those not wishing you have a complicated layout or a complex design then they may struggle with Gutenberg or even with the Classic especially if they think it is the same as our current editor – but the former is still better than the Gutenberg. I am not one to give up and l can work with repetitive issues like a demented madman if l think l will glean a different result … but l still think this is going to really test all of our resolves and l hope it doesn’t steal away some of the passion for writing and creativity that is has the capability of doing. Despite all of this annoyance – l think l will like the Gutenberg…. when t works.

Another case as is always the way of ‘Time will Tell!‘ l guess, eh?

Till the next time – thanks for reading.

Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 09.45 – 28/05/20

  1. I’ve had a little play with it again and it like our country’s track and trace system, it feels likes it being rushed out before it’s working. Fingers crossed it goes well for you. Sorry your in pain my friend.

  2. One thing I don’t understand is why they haven’t managed to iron out the glitches by now. The Gutenberg editor has been around for at least a year, so it’s not like this is something new they’re releasing.

    I get the stupid JSON error too, and I’m using Chrome. Sometimes the autosave will recover what you’ve done, but it doesn’t seem to autosave very often. What I do when I get the JSON error is to either copy and paste the part I’d been working on, or if I was working throughout the entire post/page, I’ll copy the whole thing, paste it into a draft post, and then use that as a reference.

    If you want all of your body text or header level text to look a certain way, you can add CSS in the customizer so you don’t have to do it block by block. I’d avoided CSS before because it seemed overwhelming, but with this bit of code, I was able to set all my H2 headers throughout the site to a certain colour hexcode. I haven’t figured out yet how to apply CSS rules to a single post/page.

    h2 {

    1. Hey Ashley – l have just experienced another major error and l hit the roof, Suze had to peel me off the ceiling as l was like an active volcano times fifty. I just created a Gifting the Compliment post which is now under lock and key as although I had it as a completed post, it refused to publish l had to communicate with the engineers who said can we publish? I said sure … because it was a finished post …………………. except where it stopped actually saving was right at the start of the post – so although l was writing a post merrily, it wasn’t autosaving. The engineers published a completely unfinished post and this fricking thing because of new editor took me 90 minutes to create [normal create time is half that] so the whole post is a write off.

      The engineers told me that the problem was l had to clear my cookies and my caches – well l use Firefox for WordPress and l have just done that and now l have to start the compliment post again.

      You are right they have had this thing in action now for 18 months WHY isn’t it ready????

      Because what we have now isn’t ready to go live.

        1. Yes, and also this is just wasting people’s time … l have just lost another 90 minutes and l have to make a fresh post again?? – l am a patient guy but this is not just ridiculous but bordering on madness.

          1. I just discovered something. In the editor, if you click the three vertical dots, in the tools section there’s on option to copy all content, so you can copy the whole post that’s on the screen when the JSON error pops up.

              1. Spot on again – totally – it shouldn’t – these are BIG issues and what we should be experiencing are small errors and yet after 18 months of both alpha and beta testing as well as live new build productivity we shouldn’t be seeing anything like this at all.

  3. You are persistent and dedicated. I’m not. So I’ll wait till I have no option. Let’s see what June 1st brings.

  4. I have a very very basic free blog. I had frustration with embedding a video instead of just a link, but the only other problems I’ve had is lag time& autosave, yes. I save after every block now.

    I imagine that this level of frustration isn’t helping your mouth pain. I tend to clench my teeth when I’m angry or frustrated.

    Mercury is either in retro or about to enter… good luck🍀

    1. Hey Grandma, luckily mouth pain is easing due to Abiotics – it doesn’t help the stressload for sure and it’s been a while since l last blew up like l did with this afternoon’s error – but hey ho, we will get there or lose hair 🙂

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