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Wednesday 27th May 2020
New Season 11 – Series 7
This Week – The 80’s!!

Paula of Light Motifs II and l would like to wish everybody a totally awesome Wedne … oh no, no, no …. an Awesome Doldrum Day!

Welcome to 80’s Week!!

Kristian – Under Your Thumb – 1981

Kritika – Beat It – 1982

Melanie – Romeo and Juliet – 1980

Kim – Lets Dance – 1983

Tanya La Isla Bonita – 1986

Paula – Stand Back – 1983

Gary – Ghostbusters – 1983

Fandango – Diamonds on the Soles of her shoes – 1986

Angie – Die Young – 1980

Suzanne – Nervous Shakedown – 1983

More Tomorrow! – If you would like an 80’s Week dedication drop me a comment below!

Sadje of Keep it Alive – have yourself a truly fantastic Doldrum Wednesday Sadje and to start it off with some kick here’s some 80’s Cher!

Have a great day folks!!

33 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Good Morning Friend,
    Happy Awesome Doldrum Day 🙂
    Ghostbusters Theme song is amazing. Thank you for the share.

      1. Thank you 😊, somewhat bouncy, somewhat thoughtful. Beautiful weather and a pleasant morning walk for which I’m ever so grateful. 😊How are you doing today?

        1. Hey Tex, AB’s are starting to work their magic, l am now about 50% through the blog corrections, and am constantly knackered. But today was the first day l was able to talk properly 🙂

          Glad to hear or read you are still somewhat bouncy 🙂

          1. That’s very good news indeed. A ways for you to go on all counts I imagine but in the right direction is nice to hear.

            Sometimes life feels very Dr. Seussish 🙃which is a good thing. Beautiful weather here this morning for walking! 😊

            1. Seussish is always good 🙂

              Unlike Gutenbergish who currently doesn’t wish to play ball with embedding videos for tomorrow’s Hello .. l feel if they wish to go live June 1st they best start making the errors go away 🙂

              1. Oh that’s not good at all. 🙃 gosh they’ve had a long while with it. It seems the errors should be largely worked out this close to official launch. Not ideal. 🙂

  2. Rainy afternoon here. Good snoozing weather. Yes, a nap is on my agenda. 😊

    We enjoyed several new-to-us songs and discovered the Featherlies favorite today was Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. I think that’s their first experience with Latin music. 😊

    So, it must be about 7pm there. Hope you had a good day and are enjoying a pleasant evening! Thank you for the virtual concerts and some great music, Rory!

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