Dear Blog – 13.15 – 26/05/20

A magical ship floating on clouds out at sea??

Atop of a field over looking the cow farm here and in the distance Ramsgate on the coast.
Looking over towards St Margarets on Cliff on a truly beautiful Monday morning.
Looking towards the momument you see occasionally in some of the photographs, but the distant view is remarkable. The monument is the Dover Patrol Memorial and the building just to the left on the monument is a cafe/restaurant.

Suze in one of her more ….. sombre moments.

The Honest Truth, The Crumbling Tooth and So Help Me Gutenberg!

The Honest Truth Bit First …

Although today is Tuesday l am attaching this post to TMP 37 as well as a Peeve of sorts.

I haven’t been on a specific ‘Morning Musings’ walk of my own since Saturday 23rd … l have walked, just not photographed, walked and mused since that day. That night of that day will go down in history [my history] as being one of the official RePITA Days [Real Pain in the Ass Days]. I hope to resume MM’s soon enough but the above photo’s were taken on a walk yesterday morning with Suze.

As l sit constructing this ‘content’ post l am ever reminded of how much l currently detest the new Gutenberg Editor.

[Third New Paragraph or third Block] I mean who thought it was okay to keep wanting to add in new blocks to write a content post? Please if someone knows l am doing it wrong then let me know in the comments section as you will be saving me time … because this editor currently isn’t about saving time for me or any of you from what l can gather .. it’s about consuming time and lots of it! But ‘hey’ we are all learning it .

Yes, l am learning the ropes of it, and like all new things we must go through a teething aspect, not a good subject with me anyway currently which l shall explain shortly in the next bit and so l am gripey, moany and sound like an old fisher wife screeching on the beach – but this is a beach all of its own .. perhaps not spelt like that but it IS!

It is proving harder for me because of the way l have a lot of tables present in my blog. I use tables for directories, indexes and archives of the posts that are read long after they were originally written and published, by my readership and the tables make for much easier navigational access to older content. I use directories and tables so that l don’t have huge drop-down menu filled page links.

Prior to the new editor l was using M/S Word Tables – cutting and pasting and inserting them into my WordPress Editor and that worked mostly ‘fine …ish – wasn’t perfect, but it served the task at hand. Last week [21st May] when l read the notification about the Gutenberg launching June 1st – well l had literally forgotten on the face of it … but truthfully like many l had chosen to procrastinate on it and convinced myself l had enough time to ‘learn it’ at my own pace … well Hello!!? So it is entirely my own fault and NOT WordPress for that fact.

I spoke to the Happiness Engineers when l read that notification and asked them for advice concerning my Microsoft Word Document Tables and would they be affected by the transitional move directly? The answer was ‘not directly – no. But l might wish to start configuring my tables to the new editor today instead of leaving it to June 1st because to the reader ‘there will be no visible structure or layout’ change, internally however there might and could be …. So on the 23rd that night l had my entire blog switched over to the Gutenberg with the thoughts of ‘what will be, will be!”

Brave words indeed … and l was shown very quickly what the differences were. In the main l came to realise that l had roughly 80 pages of visible/invisible directories to the readership that YES were no different visually to external observers BUT internally speaking it was a whole different ball game … actually editing the pages is where l am losing time. Although with constant use I am getting better with it and marginally faster.

l owe that partially to Ashley who suggested – maybe it was easier to simply start afresh as in instead of trying to reconfigure with the old tables insert new tables from the new editor and that is of course the truth – all 80 pages are now having to be redesigned and started again on the actual page – so there is a lot of cutting and pasting of links going on which is extremely time consuming and the first page l ever redesigned infact was a Table Index that was used daily which is this one The Hello Directory.

Of course it will not look any different to the reader and more so if they didn’t know of its existence before today – but it is now a fully functional Gutenberg editor Table over a M/S Word Table and this means that because it is opened daily l can now work with it more efficiently. That’s the main feature of course … if they were old indexes that were not being accessed daily – l don’t need to reconfigure BUT if they are tables used daily or weekly then they need to be redesigned to Gutenberg editor workings.

I am now becoming more used to working with the Gutenberg’s Tables through intensive use daily and l have to be honest and say they are a major improvement over the way l was doing it beforehand. The time is consumed mostly because upon accepting to configure the new editor to the old page once inside you are met with an OCD nightmare and mixture of languages from normal to html coding and everything is literally higgledy-piggledy and l can not work with disorderly … l mean honestly who can?

But l am working on the corrections from 7am through to about 9pm so l hope to be resuming normality for this blog before June 1st and if not then not long afterwards. Which is good because then l can open up a new page with enthusiasm and simply write a post. The positive aspect of this is currently l am so hyperfocused on getting this lot done, that l rarely have time to create a 4th post! So that’s making that discipline easier.

The Crumbling Tooth Bit ….

What’s NOT making my job any easier during this time is that as some of you may recall, March [10th] of this year, just prior to the UK Lockdown on March 23 l finally went to the dentist and started the journey for Repair Dentistry due to the shape of my mouth and the pains l experience daily. Since then l have experienced a couple of smaller jaw infections and abscesses and l have managed to treat them accordingly without the need for a call to the dentists [who are shut until July 1st].

But on the morning of the 23rd l started to experience some discomfort in my lower jaw – so l started taking some pain killers, salt rinsing my mouth, mouth washing intensified and brushing too in an attempt to knock the infection down. The infection however continued to get worse and by yesterday afternoon – the agony started!

Last night l retired to bed very early for me in pain and distress, way before 10pm but by 3am the agonies were back … the infection is now in my glands in my throat on the right side, the lower jaw horribly swollen and the abcess is just starting to now appear in my lower front teeth gum line and it’s huge! About the size of a penny or a cent. My throat is now restricting my ability to speak and swallowing is very hard unless liquids. I have no bite anymore … so l am very keen to start the repair journey as soon as possible!

I called the emergency line of my own dentist this morning and they have digitally emailed a prescription to a chemist which Suze will collect this afternoon for some anti-biotics which will be a huge blessing. But everything going on with the new editor and the stresses and the constant tablet taking and the pains and the frustrations it has made me a bit of a grumpy fucker!

Oh well as they say … what doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger!!

The So Help Me Gutenberg Bit …

I’ll not lie and say l love this new editor at this present time … BUT … one of the main reasons for my dislike is because of the sheer volume of stressful Table redesigning l am having to do … the new editor DOES make Table work a lot easier and for that l am grateful. Because l have been working with it so intensely since the 23rd l am becoming more acquainted with a lot of its over all functionality … and there are some huge advantageous benefits to the new editor equally as there are disadvantages.

I find some areas quite laggy, like when trying to create a new post there is a dreadful delay. There are still glitchy aspects to it … l am not fond of continually making new blocks for new paragraphs and l am someone who likes and prefers to write directly into the editor but as a friend of mine suggested .. Stephen that what he does is write outside of the editor and then cuts and pastes direct into the editor. Stephen runs a new build blog and so no longer has the option of using the current editor we are all perhaps too used to. It’s a very ‘time consuming editor’ and not great currently for speedy creation.

I write ‘too used to’, because let’s be seriously truthful – familiarity breeds contempt – and we all fall victim to that. There will be come the 1st June an option to switch to Classic editor or even alternate between the two editors as in block and classic – l know that is how Grace is currently working it – but l have opted to stay in the Gutenberg.

We all need to celebrate change, l am a fine one for saying that and then griping about the Block – it’s a bit hypocritical Rory! Sure l don’t like change – no one does … not really. But l think in the long run, this new editor will be greatly beneficial to my longer range plans for the blog. I have now – when not writing posts, or reading your blogs, or redesigning Tables within directories taken the time to study the Gutenberg editor and watched tutorials and l am NOT that unimpressed with it actually.

Yes, it’s not perfect – not yet, and there will probably be more hotfixes to it in the future …. but hey as l like to say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day and we all need to occasionally leave the safety of the comfort zone – it reminds me a bit of the film “Six Days, Seven Nights” When Harrison Ford [Quinn] says to Anne Heche [Robin] … at the end of the film, l couldn’t find an English speaking version of the clip so the quote will have to suffice.

Robin Monroe : You’re here.

Quinn Harris : I decided my life is too simple, I wanna complicate the hell out of it.

That’s the Gutenberg – complicated till it’s not.

Till the next time – thanks for reading.

The Monday Peeve 37 – TMP –

47 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.15 – 26/05/20

  1. I have no experience with Gutenberg , it’s only recently that I became adept at the old editor.
    I am not clear, will we have to switch to Gutenberg per force on June 1st? Will the old editor cease functioning?

    1. Hey Tanya – come June 1st the editor we are currently using to create posts – l call it the WordPress editor will be officially replaced with the Gutenberg or block editor – however there will be an option available to bloggers to choose to use the Classic editor which was the editor used before our current editing tool was available … here’s a great post you may enjoy on the subject.

  2. Every time you hit “return” you create a new “block.” It’s very silly. Even if you have one word on a line, that’s a block. Every separate thing is a block, whether a picture or one line of text, or a table, or whatever. I suppose, in some engineer’s mind, this made logical sense 🙄

    1. Hey Paula, totally, that’s the bit that is annoying the crap out of me ..literally everytime you hit return a new block is created! I know they are aiming for hyper efficiency – but in my eyes it distracts from the natural flow of writing and that is highly frustrating.

  3. I hope the infection subsides quickly.
    As for the editor, I’ll be seeing if I can still use the classic one after 1st. If not, I will reluctantly join the ranks of the bloggers who are learning to use it. It is weird in the way that each new line of a poem is a new paragraph and has to be edited and spell and grammar checked separately. 🤨🤪

    1. Hey Sadje, you should be able to utilise the classic editor from day one. Creating poems annoyed me as well – each 4 lines of verse was in it’s own block – and that means l have to work with each one’s requirements like ensuring the text is black over default grey or whatever whereas before you could simply change the colour of everything in one swift movement. The new editor has made that basic of requirements complex.

      1. And when it is not an improvement, why should people waste their time on it. Both options should be available to all blogger on WP. Choose what works for you!

        1. Yes l think you are spot on Sadje – WP’s response to you after June 1st would be – you have that option with the choice between Classic and Guten … but in truth l don’t think that is a fair choice.

  4. I hope the teeth can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

    This business of getting the old switched over to the new is obnoxious as can be, but I think once that’s been dealt with I’ll start to just get used to the glitchy bits like the super-slow process of opening a post.

    1. Hey Ashley – yes once the hopefully soon hotfixes start to arrive l too will welcome the stop to the painfully slow side to things – we were spoiled by lets face it a nice editing tool and to say we were spoiled is wrong – the current tool is nicer than the Guten. But the lag frustrates me so much and then if you say ‘yes’ to converting the page to blocks it takes even longer …………………. mm ha ha when you are in pain, that’s the time delay from hell 🙂

  5. I just write a simple blog, the only complicated thing I do is use a clickable link that opens in a new tab. So these tables of which you speak, I have no idea. As for your dental problems I have much experience with that! I had a nasty abscess which is what drove me to the dentist and while I had to attend to other medical problems before starting major dental work that abscess kept coming back. The first time I phoned the dentist about it his tech said I should come in but my dentist said “She knows when she has an abscess just call in the pharmacy order” It came back a time or two before I finally had all my remaining teeth pulled – having lost quite a few to – abscesses! You have my deepest sympathies. Been there, done that!

    1. Admittedly l am no stranger like you to these things Grace – this time this one is horrendous, the antibiotics will take 24 hours to start kicking in and currently l am shaking and my glands are swelling up again making swallowing and breathing hard. The sheer volume of tablets is affecting my gut and everything is excuse my bluntness – basically shit – ha ha got to laugh eh 🙂

      1. As I recall laughing was not my prime reaction! Tears, lots of tears and sobbing and moaning and literally rolling on the floor in pain – Yup, that’s what I recall. Hang in there, Bud…

  6. Oooh! The abscess, I’m so sorry. You must be miserable with it and then trying to switch to Gutenberg at the same time. I hope you will have some relief with your tooth soon. Gutenberg isn’t going anywhere (unfortunately) but the abscess needs to Go! And I agree it’s ridiculous that every time you hit return it makes a new block that has to be edited separately. If I want a poem in italics I have to “select all, italicize” every line individually. 🙁. Hope you get a good morning musings soon. 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne – mm, the Gutenberg and the abscess are currently on the same level of nasty ha ha. There is more wrong than right sadly.

  7. I’m not loving Guten… I wanna be Guten Free🤣🤣🤣

    Oh, your poor mouth, JB☹ I remember those days… sending hugs & healing thoughts!🧸🦄💌

  8. So sorry to hear your tooth is giving you trouble again, Rory! Do hope the antibiotics give you prompt relief and clears up the infection!

    As for the new editor, you have me scared, now. 😊 I’m not wired for new technology. Just to let you know in case you don’t read it on my Blog later, I will be taking a Hiatus of indeterminate time from Blogging beginning June 1st. This has nothing to do with the new editor, for the decision was made before the news about the change. However, the challenge of learning the new editor may affect just when, or if, I return. In other words, you need not dedicate anything to us after June 1st, for we will not see it.

    I continue to hold you in my Heart, wishing you well.

      1. Nothing serious. I have responsibilities that need attention and not sure how long it will take to accomplish what need to do and how it will all unfold. As it is now, Blogging takes a major part of my time and is the only area in which I can make adjustments. If things work out satisfactorily, I hope to return to WordPress in a few months. It is one of those things that I mu

          1. Well l shall miss our chats Betty and it reminds me l owe you an email response .. so l can always drop you an email now and then to make you, Bud and the Featherlies are all ok and doing fine? Would that be alright?

  9. I’ve used it very little so far but I think is promising 😉
    I’m glad you’ve managed to get at least the antibiotics 😣
    Hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks Ribana, yes so do l. I slept like a dead log last night – went to bed at 10pm awoke with alarms at 6am, still feel dead – that is the after effects of all these tablets and the antib’s.

        1. Sadly not Ribana, this country has completely mismanaged this whole pandemic thing and all other utilities and services to boot – for an island we have certainly screwed this up.

          1. I understand lots of people got infected and need to be very careful but at least emergencies…😢😢
            I hope at least the antibiotics will give you a little bit of relief until they open 😣

          2. I think the biggest problem is that a lot of people are very concerned about going to hospitals now .. plus all our emergency services and centres are overstretched. The denatl side to things are in full lockdown until July 1st – what they offer and what l received was a dentist call me direct and go through all my options.

            However everything she suggested before the antiB prescription l was doing … so l am doing everything l can to contain the infection .. the ab’s now have to do their job. This whole affair has been very sad [not my tooth but pandemic] , but l feel that this country has another wake up call somewhere.

          3. True…people are also scared to go to the hospitals…😢
            When in need is really very difficult 😣
            I hope the situation will stabilise soon!

    1. Neither would l if honest – with all the approaches we have available digitally today for platforms and the money WP make l expected something less antiquated as far as systems go.

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