The Huge Hug Club

The Huge Hug Club

25th May 2020

Back again for a group hug – how are we all doing?

Another week passes us by and still we are in the main …. locked away for ‘our own good and health’ – but this time many of us have a new enemy inside with us as well!! The Nasty Gutenbergster!!

Maybe you like your Guten and have adopted it into your home with a broad smile ……… but many of us here in our community are not so keen on welcoming this new upstart in!! I feel more so than ever during this time of ‘securement’ – that a huge group community hug is needed!!!

I have over the last few days experienced a range of emotions, behaviours and stresses and NOT all of them were lovely … a couple of times l have wanted to smash my computer into a million pieces or worse smash me into a million pieces – but the computer is not to blame … but The Nasty Gutenbergster – well say no more – let the show begin…

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Everyone loves a hug and everyone deserves a hug.

There is a great deal of beauty to the hug ….

Everybody needs a hug!

Reduce stress

They can keep your immune system healthy

Boost your heart health

Make you happier

Reduce your anxiety and fears

Reduces feelings of loneliness

Can make the monsters go away

Reduce pain

A Form of communication – as in ‘just to say hello’

First For Laughes!!!

Easy Tunes!

For Philosophy To Read!

Today’s Hugs Go To ….

Sa of Culture ShocksJeanne of Borderline Crossing
Suzanne of Ellie894Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Ashley – Mental Health @ HomeSadje of Keep it Alive
Ruth of Don’t Eat It SoapMelanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
Paula of Light Motifs IIKritika of Undressed Thoughts
Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristiandrtanya@saltedcaramel

So hopefully folks we can all get through this new annoyance together and come out the other side still with hair on our heads!!

Here’s wishing you a truly lovely day!

25 thoughts on “The Huge Hug Club

  1. Saving this one and sharing it too 😊. Love these quotes!. Thank you for hugs 🤗 and back to you! 🤗

      1. Ok, so I started to comment and then thought I better check on something first so I googled motiquotes and of course they’re lovely motivational quotes! 😊. And yes they are always good! When I first looked though, I saw the word as a close and perhaps humorous nod to mosquitos. Then, I was going to say – well, mosquitos should be brilliant for something 🤣. So now when I see motiquotes I will think of mosquitos and their ability to look at the postive. 😂😊

  2. Hey Rory, thanks a million for the hugs and a lovely post. Hugs back at you dear friend. You’re always so thoughtful and kind.

  3. I got distracted and forgot to mention this. You know that the Gutenberg Editor is optional, right? Apparently you can choose the old (standard) editor, but I don’t think that’s doable until June. Me? I’m staying old school.

    1. Hey Melanie, yes l do, but l have looked at the classic editor [the original] and if anything that is a hash up between block editor and raw and basic.

      What should have happened is that of the three editors – they should be running with new editor [Block aka Gutenberg] and the current editor [WordPress editor] – instead all they are really doing is offering a much older useless model or a new nightmare model … in l think the grim hope that more and more users will simply opt for the new editor.

      There are so many negative reviews on the Guten berg l really don’t know why WP with a 37% stake in global blogs didn’t buy into a much smoother and user friendly efficient editing tool …. ??

      1. If what you say is the case, then phooey. Another example of WP fixing what ain’t broke. I’ve seen the example of the ‘new’ block editor and to me? It sucks. I’ll still opt for the mash up one I guess. It’s discouraging all the same. I wish they’d just leave well enough alone.

        1. Who knows Melanie, it’s just something companies do all the time over here.

          Another industry l have seen it happen in is the gaming industry – things are not broken they then get fixed or replaced and we call them ‘nerfs’ as in fixing something that wasn’t broken to begin with.

          It’s official explanation is ‘to nerf’ – to render something ineffective by change

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