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The Weekend is Here!

Hey everyone – l just wanted to say – have yourselves a Shexy Sunday! I am in the process of learning the new Block Editor – l switched over from the WordPress Editor on the 23rd May and l expect to be a little slower this week whilst l acquaint myself with the new layout.

It’s not bad, but it is a little complex in consideration to how l have certain aspects of my blog which l now must reformat to Block Editor specs. In addition to this – there are also small alterations being made to my blog in the coming weeks whilst l change things around to be a little more reflective on reader accessibility.

Eclectism Rocks!! – 7 Sundays

This week is dedicated to the following bloggers who created the Playlist ““Naughty With a Twist!!” See The Full Listing Here

Angie of  King Ben’s Grandma  &  Gary of Bereaved Single Dad    Omatra7 of Learning Life   &   Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

If you would like to take part in a Mixitup & Play Me Now Game – this week’s theme is “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”  Check it out and add in your selections!

Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

K.D. LangConstant Craving

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

ZZ TopPearl Necklace

Omatra7 of Learning Life

Petey PabloFreak A Leak

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

DivinylsI Touch Myself

Tomorrow we kick off a new week with hits from the 80’s!! Mixitup and Playme Playlists will return next week in their own created post.

Grace of Broadway Matron

Hey Grace, top of the Morning to you – have yourself a fabulous Sunday and to start it off in style here’s some music for you!

Universal Greeting PNG-5

Have a totally awesome day folks!

If you would like to be Morning Guest Star for The Hello please let me know below in the comments section with your favourite artist!

23 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Good Sunday Rory 😊
    It’s morning here and a fine line up you’ve set for us all, thank you kindly! 🎶😊

      1. Hey Rory, I’m thinking of some iced tea as it’s pretty hot and humid here. The hummingbirds are happy so that’s nice! 😊

        1. Excellent, l am always happy to hear about happy hummingbirds … do you get them in the garden? Tex, can you take photos of them, l have heard some are very friendly 🙂

        2. Oh! I love the hummers! I can try but I’m not the best at bird photos let alone hummingbirds. Sometimes I have a touch of luck at the feeder. They are indeed! Mine return each year I do believe. When they show up in spring they’ll give me a “fly by buzz” to say “hey, long trip, would love a snack”, at which point I get hopping. 😄. But, they also like the natural flora too

  2. Oh such a lovely Sunday treat – Pablo Casals! I hope folks give it a listen, thanks for sharing it. I’ve done so but then my blog doesn’t have much reach and yours does…(I do love the sound of a cello…)

    1. I enjoyed listening to this whilst creating this post Grace – now working under the new editor post creation takes me longer … so l listened to this and enjoyed it so much, l pressed play twice – so thank you too 🙂

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