Killing Time Sipping Bloodied Iced Tea

Killing Time Sipping Bloodied Iced Tea

When the skies are slipping behind clouds,
…. Late in the afternoon,
Shying away as they do from the maddening crowds,
… and eagerly teasing the awaiting moon,

I like nothing better than sitting on the swing,
…. Out the back on the ol’ tree in the yard,
Toing, froing, and swaying on the box springs!
Pondering where next l might leave my calling card?

Sitting here sipping sweetly from my bloodied iced tea,
…. And supping the nibble bits mixed with mint,
Nothing quite beats bits of human potpourri,
… if you understand my drifted hint!

I am not quite sure where and when it all began,
…. Or maybe l should really say…
When l became the Maniacal Bogeyman?
Am guessing, somewhere back in my yesterdays!

I took to murdering like a duck to water,
…. I am a natural born killer see,
Love nothing better than pointless slaughter,
In some ways it’s like my personal idiosyncrasy!

I think, and especially in today’s ambivalent society,
… That one needs to take a certain pride,
More so and importantly with regards to notoriety,
So l take my time, when skinning the hides!

Have got me quite the stash now in the freezer,
A nice’n’ripe frozen block of chopped up bits,
That are great little appetite pleasers …
…. And adds some maturity to the evening juiced Spritz!

© Rory Matier 2020

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25 thoughts on “Killing Time Sipping Bloodied Iced Tea

        1. I don’t think it’s is a useful switch. Using the new editor is very time consuming for me.

        2. It’s a horrible switch, l know l like a lot of others are learning it … but it is really time consuming … the simplicity of ease has vanished to be replaced with something which is time consuming and fiddly and in many respects not conducive to a natural writer’s flow.

        3. I am using it on my app on my iPhone. I have the option to disable the block editor on settings of the app. Let’s see if it still works that way after June 1st.

  1. Okay, Hannibal… I saw the title and thought of Blood Orange mixed with Iced Tea. THAT sounds yummy, yours…not so much🤢

    I DO love that you’re able to “go there”.💌

    1. Sometimes we just have to sway over to the dark side l think … l mean it’s not like l deliberately set out to pen a gore master’s piece – it’s just sort of happened.

      My tooth ache is chronic and the new editor is evil 🙂

      1. Yeah, I’m not seeing any advantage to the new editor. I used it all day today. The Mixtape post was more of a pain, the Adventures post was okay, and I scheduled a Peeve for tomorrow, but 🤷🏼‍♀️ the old editor worked just fine.
        Pain in the ass, is what it is!

  2. Hmm. Sometimes what goes on inside you head and works it’s way to the pages of your blog can be a little macabre…and I love it. Well done, my friend!

    1. Ha ha anything is better than soya, that is liquid cardboard – when l was first switching to black coffee from white coffee back in 2016 l tried soya ….. l only drink black coffee these days because of the experience 🙂

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