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Three ways to avoid electrocution ….

1] Do not play with electrical appliances
2] Remember to use an RCD Adaptor
or 3]My way – The Aspie Way …. that being …. [May 2013]  … forget to plug in electrical appliance to RCD Adaptor then spend 20 minutes trying to figure out why the strimmer will not work, only to be told by a neighbour that you must be looking to avoid electrocution because you have not plugged the bloody thing in!!!

………………. Ooooooh riiiiiiiight!

Rory Matier


Nobody sets out to offend or shock for the sake of shocking. You set out to get laughs.     

Seth MacFarlane


Well, first there is just shocking right? Then there is completely shocked and then there are those short sharp shocks! They have got to be the worst!

I have learned my lesson trust me ….! 

Rory Matier


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12 thoughts on “Random Quotes 535#

  1. I can’t watch that Peter Gabriel video. It creeps me out. It creeped me out in the 80s when it came out… *shudder*

    I’d never heard of Shocking Blue. I only knew the Bananarama version (and think about THAT name😉😂)

    I tend to be very very careful with electricy! I’m always getting little static jolts in dry weather. I don’t need the big jolts😱

    I rarely feel the other definition of shock. I don’t own pearls so I couldn’t clutch them😆💌

  2. Ohhh I dunno… I like to shock sometimes lol ✌️😄

    I prefer to call it seeing how far I can push it lol 😄✌️

    A good shock wakes you up – keeps you alive 🤟

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