The Intrinsic Beauty of the Music Within!


The Intrinsic Beauty of the Music Within!

The Hello is my first post of the day and whilst for me it publishes to my blog between the times of 06.15am – 06.55am that is a UK time therefore some might see it as a morning post.

Now pending of course where you are in the world, The Hello is just seen as my first post. So for Singapore as an example where it is +8 hours to my time they will see that post somewhere in the early to mid afternoon.  India is 5 and a half hours ahead so it will be seen between late morning and lunchtime. Australia is currently +10 hours and so that post will be viewed late afternoon and then we have the States and they have a host of time zones! Texas who are -5 hours would see the post if they were awake early morning, so they tend to see it first thing in their morning which is later morning to me. But for the likes of the SoCal bunch who are -7 hours my early morning post is actually seen by them late at night – the previous night to my next day post!


What has this got to do with the price of sliced bread? Nothing ha ha  – it was just something l was toying with when l was creating this post! This promotions post is about music and dedications and requests of said music and the beauty of music is that it doesn’t need a time to be listened to or even heard – music is as music does!

We can listen to it wherever and whenever we are, in the garden, at our desks, on the train, on the toilet, during sex, whilst sleeping or gardening or, or, or whatever!

Now The Hello post is a mixture of music and dedication and request – it celebrates a blogger and their blog equally as much as celebrating the new day in – it celebrates people’s choices and musical tastes.

In the main there are three types of display :

1] The What’s Your Day Banner – here are my two below …as examples…

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Awesome Saucesome Saturday2
A Guy Called Bloke Banner A Very Shexy Sunday To You All 2PNG

This is for this Season [11] and Series [7] the lead in, right after the Hello Greetings icon – see below example:

The Hello Feature JPEG

Each banner is dedicated to a Blogger, we have several now and you can see them here on this link ..  Blog Features Page   just scroll down. Should anyone wish to they can rename a day of their own and it will be dedicated to you. You can read up about this here Strange Days Indeed! Should you wish to take advantage of the feature.

2] There is a Daily Featurette :

A Guy Called Bloke Daily Featurette Banner JPEG

This tends to alternate between Mixitup Playlists Dedications or Down Memory Lane feature Requests   Several readers can have their musical tastes displayed and credited to them here.

A Guy Called Bloke Banner Mixitup and Play Me Now JPEG
A Guy Called Bloke Banner Down Memory Lane JPEG

3] The Morning Guest Star

Happy Guest Star Day V4 PNG

This feature is and can be both a request for music or l have opted to dedicate the star to you and celebrate you on the day itself and display music that l know to be favourited by you.

So as you can see, there are various musical choices available to you should you wish to take advantage of it …. now the list of bloggers below are those who currently enjoy as regulars to these features or are those who have received dedications to them this season [11].

The Hello Directory




Madam Kristian





KC’s Place



Lennon Liberated

Kristian – Tales

Lisa of The Road Back to Life

Meena Walia


Melanie Sparky









Carol Anne





Lisa of Lismore Paper


Since the start of this year on and especially with this particular style of Season as in The Hello l have played y’all a lot of different music and this feature’s soul is comprised of music and people and community and musical sociality so in order for me to continue providing you with the service you look forwards to with this feature – let me know below in the comments section what musical artists and groups you would like to hear from or more from or more of or, or whatever.

So far this year we have enjoyed hits from the 40’s all the way through till the 2020’s, we have listened to artists, groups and bands from today and yesterday like Prince, The Ramones, John Denver, Otis Redding,  Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Madonna, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Shinedown, Steam Powered Giraffes, The Hu, The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Diana Ross, Savage Garden , Simon and Garfunkle, The Kinks, The Turtles, The Beatles and the list is honestly folks … long!

But, The Hello is your post, it is designed purely with you, the reader and musical listener in mind – from me, all l am doing is saying Hello! So let me know below what YOU the listener would like to hear more of and from Who or even Hu!

Thanks for reading – Rory

The Hello Feature JPEG

25 thoughts on “The Intrinsic Beauty of the Music Within!

  1. Perhaps sometimes you might find a short classical piece? Something soothing and uplifting to start the day – something like your Morning Musings music just not as long – I am so very fond of Pablo Casals “The Song of the Birds” – it is a bit long but oh so beautiful, I’ve got it playing right now (via Youtube). I do love cello…

  2. Metallica, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr, The Beatles, Paolo Nutini, Prince, Greta Van Fleet, Tom Petty, The Traveling Wilburys, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, John Mayer, Anderson East, Amos Lee, and Ray Lamontagne.

    Let me know if you need any more. 🙂

  3. I was actually thinking something similar to Grace. I love the wonderful variety of music you share and often refer to it during the course of the day. But as your hello post is an early morning for me a touch of classical now and then would be lovely as that is my writing time and I enjoy listening to gentle non lyrical for that. Outside of that, I very much enjoy the variety! Always learning something new. Thank you for asking 😊

      1. Mary Youngblood for flute, Cahuilla Bird Singers and Black Lodge Singers or Northern Cree for drums.

        Or you could just search YouTube for Native American Pow Wow music and pick anything you like😉

          1. Yes l do, that is actually in a seperate Word Document and l will be adding those in at some point so l have a one and only go to list when l come to creation of posts 🙂

  4. I’m usually so rushed these days that I hardly find time for music. But your music selection is always good. Thanks a lot for thinking of us and the dedications.

  5. (Sorry, I’m running late – trying to catch up!) Please add me to the list for classical and Native American. Thanks to Grace, Suzanne, Angie and Gary for suggesting them!

    As for the classical, I enjoy most composers. However, I am partial to Mozart since I studied the books The Power of Sound by Joshua Leeds and The Mozart Effect for Children by Don Campbell and found Mozart especially helpful when working with my grandsons as they were growing up.

    As for Native American, I especially like Buffy Sainte-Marie. My favorites, in this order – You’ve Got To Run (Spirit of the Wind) with Tanya Tagaq; Starwalker; Darling Don’t Cry; Carry It On; It’s My Way. A couple of others I’ve listened to on YouTube that I also like are Song of the Sacred Elements by Chenoa Egawa and Alex Turtle and The Eagle Song by Red Shadow Singers.

    I also enjoy music from other cultures, even if they are in a language I don’t understand. The latest addition to my Amazon Music playlist is the Tautumeitas album. I especially like their recording of Raganu Nakts.

    Thank you for this great feature, Rory! We really enjoy it! 😊😎🎶🐦🐦

  6. for my dedication i’d love to hear music from lady gaga, pink, rihanna, katie perry, adelle, and beyonce. thanks for all you do for the blogging community rory xoxoxo

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