Morning Musings

Morning Musings

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Season 2 – Spring Summer 2020 – Series 2

“Awakening to Changes”

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21st May 2020

“Sown Seeds Have Two Choices …”

Walk Time 25 Mins.

IMG_6228 (2)

I was in bed last night at an obscenely early time … 10pm!  This happened because l was tired … but not through anything other than a slower metabolism … my metabolism can be at times anything up to 12 hours slower than other peoples, l think the average time for me is around 8 hours.

Your metabolism is the process in which your body breaks down and converts what you drink and eat or take into energy or effectiveness.  It can equally affect your digestive system and in fact it has been highlighted as one of the disruptors to my eating disorder – but also at times it can slow down the overall effectiveness of tablets or prescriptions l might take.

With the summer months finally making an appearance here in the south of England, the pollen counts are starting to rise and because of that my allergies are also starting to become troublesome. Some of you may or may not know that despite me loving composting … l am actually allergic to my own compost and this has a terrible effect on my eyes. Worse case scenario is they swell up!

IMG_6204 (2)

So yesterday morning at around 9.30am l took an antihistamine to combat my allergies. I don’t often take them – as l detest taking tablets. However the tablet’s power did not actually start to work on me until around 12 hours later and by this time it was making me dreadfully drowsy! What some people may not know is that this drug can also assist those suffering from sleeping problems due to the sedational properties. The only ones we do have in the house are in fact the ones that make you drowsy! But they don’t often work with me.

Anyway, l was in bed last night at 10pm and lights out by 10.25pm! I didn’t fall asleep until around 10.45pm. I was awake at 3.27am for a pee and again at 5.15am because that’s when Suze’s alarm went off next door, then l fell asleep until 5.45am BUT didn’t get out of bed till 6. 19am!! The lesson here is to NOT take the stupid tablets again!

I opted for a smaller walk this morning, as l knew the day was going to be hot today and didn’t want to be out for too long because even at 6.25am, l could feel the heat in the house.  Suze was already out on her walk this morning when l got up and showered and when l got back 25 minutes later after setting out at 6.35am she was back indoors performing her sun salutations first phase!

IMG_6206 (2)

Bluebell wood was ideal for my short walk ….. and it was gloriously beautiful … l felt the need for wood or l should correct that and simply add in … ‘wood art’. Otherwise known as ‘trees’. 

When l was in my early twenties my mentor at the time who was a trainer of trainers – talked to me at length – he took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew in the art of motivating people – he would often make reference to the wood art of trees and seeds and that how some people were very good at planting seeds of thought and inspiration in other people and therefore those sown seeds had two ways to go – they could grow or they could choose not. It was that simple.

Also, that when you looked at trees and by this he meant established aged trees – if you looked hard enough you can find answers and solutions to all sorts of questions and problems – you just had to look. I have carried that motivation with me for years and even applied the techniques into training l have delivered to people – it’s all about a positive mindset.

IMG_6215 (2)

Positive Mindset is something l need at present as so many things are changing all the time where l am in my life. I need to keep my motivations high. I am the process of house hunting or flat hunting or whatever term is best and l keep flitting between securing a basic layout or a slice of nature property. On beautiful sunny days like today … l want a slice of nature that is mine to potter in … but as much as l am tooing and froing, so too are behaviours and emotions in the household.

Nothing bad, but if l have planted seeds of inspiration into Suze to help her go forwards in a new life journey, l have also taken the time to study those same seeds myself and give thoughts to what l want from my life as well ……… and l want more too. I want our friendship to remain solid, l want her in my life as my best friend … but we both don’t need to be under the same roof to acquire those things … and the seeds sown and planted aways back have taken and opted for the first choice – we both wish to grow upwards and maybe in slightly different directions … but still be part of the same core and that is more than ample.

IMG_6226 (2)

This way we can both continue to explore and adventure in our own ways be this locations or careers or even other people it matters not – we both want friendship and freedom and independence. The friendship is the one thing we do want to continue to keep and uphold. Out of everything … l would feel a devastating loss if l lost the friendship of Suze.

I can live with that happily, but the place ‘l need to be needs to be a good grounding for me’ and this l feel will only be achieved by having a slice of nature to centre balance myself into. It would be nice to have some kind of micro gardening available to me and composting as it is still a great cardio workout.

The walk this morning helped me to calm my inner core down.

Thanks for reading catch you all again soon.

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What’s not to love about wood art?

14 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Amazing photos. Walking gives a great opportunity to think things through. Happy house hunting. That is always an exciting part.

  2. What makes trees grow knobby like that, and what kind of trees are they? I want to touch them.

    Maybe you can find a flat in a converted house with a bit of garden to potter around in or do they have community gardens? I’m sure all the Green Thumbs would love access to your composted gold.

    If I could afford it, I would live within walking distance of the ocean. I miss it. It’s only 17 miles away, but it’s just been reopened for walkers or runners and I like to sit for a while. Plus, people are flocking like seagulls to a dropped bag of chips. No thanks.

    The right place will come to your notice at the right time. Trust and follow your instincts. Until then, enjoy the wood art! Even the pictures are soothing.

  3. My favorite place to walk was always in the woods. I enjoy nature and wildlife so much!
    I love your Bluebell Wood and its beautiful ‘woodart’. Looking a the pictures, I can just imagine the sweet little fairies frolicking about.

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