Dear Blog – 12.05 – 21/05/20


Oh Noooooo Sheesh Gutenberg!!!!

Every day is different and that is a given .. each day l never know truly what to expect! With my blog l try and offer colourful diversity and topical variety and sensory and stimulating eclectism – it’s how my mind works – it needs and desires certain things to make it tick.

So many people say ‘Oh l would so love to be in your mind!!’ Well heads up for you … no you wouldn’t because you probably wouldn’t survive an hour let alone a day of my data processing.

I don’t like stress these days – l mean who does – but then when younger l could manage loads of stress because l treated stress as a stimulation – stress turned me on – l don’t mean aroused me … l wasn’t walking around with a full on erection and uncontrollable urges! I mean if l was stressed – l treated it as a positive rather than a negative and turned the bad energy on its head and used it as an incredible stimulant!

In my teens, stress was a nightmare mostly because l was at home in the House That Disaster Built and the stress you had was nerve wrecking and created things like insomnia and restlessness and uncontrolled thoughts [[no, no erection!]

In my early to mid twenties l treated stress like other 20 somethings were treating the drugs of the eighties! I used it as a stimulant and l found the results more gratifying than some street hits! In my later twenties and early thirties stress and sex combined for some great adventures [YES, then l walked around most days with an erection!], whilst in my forties stress was starting to wear me down and l was slowing up.

Stress in my early fifties was manageable and now stress in my middle fifties is not welcomed.  But even today l try still and turn the negatives into the positives! Mostly it works until sudden changes and challenges come along at once!

I have been lazy it’s my own fault  l accept full blame and responsibility – but l kept putting it off and off and more off until now NOW!! I only have 11 days to learn the damn Gutenberg Editor!

That was my greeting this morning when l logged into the blog … oh fuck was my first thought! I had forgotten this was changing! With everything else going on in my life and the way emotions in this household change like the wind –  my logical day changed again and set me a new challenge – a new editor that l hated from the first time l saw it properly last year!

I was pretty calm this morning … now l am marginally stressed.

Now l know there are many of you in the same boat, equally as there are many of you that are currently using the new editor – what’s it like? Would it help me to set up a dummy wordpress blog in the new editor and start familiarising that way so l could make the changes slowly over this next week? Or should l just take the plunge and switch?

How are you all coping with it [or are you coping with it/or started]… or am l [not] the only dumbass who hasn’t switched over yet?

Let me know your views below. Thanks.

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Dear Blog ……

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42 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.05 – 21/05/20

  1. I saw the notice too. I’m not even familiar with all the stuff my blog does now🤷🏼‍♀️ I just figure stuff out as I go along and hope I don’t see a mushroom cloud.
    I’m still using the “free” version of WP so I think my choices are probably pretty limited anyway.

    I think (if I understood what I read) there’s an option in the new editor to use something similar to the old one.

    Good luck🍀💌

    1. There is that – but l think we are now at the time when everyone is to start using it. When l switched from Premium to eCommerce l was on Classic editor and it instantly changed me to Gutenberg and l started using the old classic, but come the 1st l believe that choice is being taken away and now all must use Gutenberg.

    1. Sadly we have no choice it appears Ashley . Like you l am not a fan, if the glimpse last year was anything to go by ………. mm , mmm

      1. “We’re offering two options for those who’d rather stick with an older way of editing your content.

        1) Use the Classic block
        Within the new WordPress editor you’ll find the Classic block, which replicates the functionality of the Classic editor — that’s the editor that used to be the default until several years ago, well before we introduced the editor. Here’s what it looks like:

        2) Opt to use the Classic editor
        You also have the choice to switch to the Classic editor. Here’s what it looks like, in case you haven’t seen this one in a while (or ever):”

          1. Had/Have you ever used the really old editor then Ashley? Am quite unsure why they reverted back to the oldest editor of the lot …. actually l think l do know .. because they only want users to use the new editor. So they show off a crappy editor instead of the one we currently use so that they can coerce us to use the new one only.

          2. I was using the editor that was around prior to the block editor. I’ve used the classic editor over the last few months because I needed to be using the /wp-admin/ dashboard to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

          3. Ok, I’m mixed up on my terminology. I’ve been using the editor. I’ve used the classic block editor through /wp-admin/. The old-school classic editor I never used.

          4. Mm, lol, well l am starting a dummy blog tomorrow to see how l fare … l am not bothered per se … he says through gritted teeth – but some of my things looked really fricking weird in the block editor last year, like tables and so on so l need to explore that further – goodbye sleep ha ha 🙂

  2. It’s a pain in the patootie fer sure, I used it the other day but I think, don’t hold me to it, please, you will still be able to access “Classic” – you click the plus sign to add a block, then you scroll down thru the choices until you get to Formatting then you choose “Classic”. Also to embed a video you switch to Code Editor and put the embed there. As I have written about several times, I learn best by doing – hand to brain – so it’s hard for me to explain how and where all this stuff is since I learned it by just clicking away –

      1. It’s the classic classic near as I can tell…But I have to say the block editor has some nifty features and I’ve used both “editors” in one post! I also use the code editor quite a bit to get things to look the way I want especially for poetry tho the block editor has a poetry block. Eh – you are just going to set aside some time and play!

        1. Maybe, l will have to see about looking at it this week – can not stand any disruption to my times – thanks for the heads up 🙂

  3. I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t mind the block editor. It took me a bit to get used to it, though, and I think some features may have been taken away, like being able to wrap text around an image, but I can live with that. I don’t think you need to start a dummy blog. I just used a test post to play around with it.

    1. Hey Barb, are you now back or is this a flying visit? I popped by the other day – how are you?

      What is text around an image, is that literally what it sounds and reads like an image surrounded by text?

      1. I’m slowly making my way back, at least reading others’ blogs if not writing my own. It became so overwhelming for a little while, but I’m refusing to be overwhelmed again. If I need to take a break from reading/writing, then I’ll do so! Besides that, I’m doing all right, as much as I can be with this quarantine going on. But it isn’t like I left my home often before lol! How are you doing?

        As for the text and image, yes it’s literally what it sounds like. If you visit my blog on the Web rather than the Reader, you can see an example on my last post.

  4. I’m also a dumbass who hasn’t switched over yet and I realise I’m becoming resistant to change. It must be my age *sigh*. But no, we must continue to embrace change! (Where did I leave my cup of tea..?)

  5. Is that for All of us?? I haven’t received any notices. Ugh. I am not prepared. Feels sort of y2k ish. 🙃

    1. Yes it does, but read some of the comments Suzanne it appears there is some relief at hand …ooher l did NOT just write hand relief did l??

  6. I haven’t had any notices about this, only what I’ve read other bloggers saying. I’d rather not change anything!!! 🙂

    1. I am not looking forwards to it at all admittedly, will be creating a test run blog for the remainder of this week to see if it’s time to panic and pack my bags off to a new operator or find it’s all ok.

  7. I guess I shouldn’t have ignored that message this morning. I haven’t even tried the new editor – too set in my ways. If I turn up MIA you’ll know why. HA!

  8. i havent switched over. and I dont plan on it. unless absolutely necessary meaning, they get rid of the classic editor. then I guess I’ll have to. no choice but I think wp should give us a choice about it. good luck using it rory xoxo

    1. Hey Carol Anne – l am using it now, l have had to start using it now because of my rampant OCD and the way l have certain features in my blog – out of 10 score wise – it’s okay BUT in three months time if it still only okay, then l will be leaving WP, because blogging is about having a fun life hobby not an overly complicated nightmare.

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