The Teddy Bear Stories – JB aka Juinor Bear

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Meet JB aka Juinor Bear – the Cuddlesome Tiger Bear!

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JB sits with Pussyfluff and Benny the Bear and Mickey and Henry.

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The Teddy Bear Stories – JB aka Juinor Bear!

The Teddy Bear Stories

Another short tale …. JB lives on the top shelf with  Benny the Bear  and Pussyfluff directly and indirectly with Mickey and Henry and Gerty Gertie and has been a member of The Bear Clan since 2012. 

Not all my bears are rescues!

JB isn’t a rescue she was a gift from friends to me in November 2012 after l had left the caravan with my two girls, Dora and Scrappy after a period of 38 months of living on the Fens in a forty foot oblong box!

There are many tales about the caravan or the Hell Box as l came to call it in 2010 having just survived the 2009/10 fens winter. Not all of the tales from that period have been written about – in fact there are very few written episodes that come from the period of  June 2009 to October 2012 on account of the fact that when l arrived in 2009 l hadn’t long had my formal diagnosis of my Aspergers syndrome, and yet when l left l was a mere shell of the already stressed man who arrived those years before.

I was bullied by my landlords, abused mentally and physically because of my autism, l was mistreated and underpaid for the work l did for them. A lot of discovery poetry came out at that time – in fact a huge awakening occured and with it a purging of my mind – l was overwhelmed with data and words and a trillion letters all clambering around to get out. I wrote years worth of poetry at that time and yet, not many tales.

I existed in order to get through, l had my two dogs as my direct companions and very few people or friends. The friends l did have were online gamers and we would talk most nights via Skype. Sometimes l had visitors , but even when that happened my friends were followed and questioned. In one instance friends of mine were driven off the road by the landlord …… that time was in July 2012, l left the property or rather l was evacuated from the property in August 2012 … what wasn’t packed was left behind and for a good 9 months afterwards l was very worried about walking my dogs in my new location because of the death threats l had received from the landlords.

My friends gifted me JB as a ‘You Survived Hell Bear!”  I didn’t rescue JB she rescued me. The Bear Clan took her on board without even a blink – they just knew she was our people, our tribe and our bear even if she was a ‘Tiger Bear’ she was still all bear to us!

I have changed much since 2012 and in fact even as l type this today in 2020 – change is once again on the horison – but at least the bears and l are more prepared this time around.

Well there we go another short tale about how JB came into being in The Bear Clan – my thanks as always for reading.

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17 thoughts on “The Teddy Bear Stories – JB aka Juinor Bear

  1. I’m so glad you survived those awful years – the brightest spot seeming to be your canine companions! I hope the changes on your horizon are happy ones!

  2. I’m sorry you went through that!! Wow impressive strength! I knew you had strength! I get that from you and how you speak.

    I’m glad you pulled through and are happier and stronger now.

    Sometimes I feel like life keeps throwing lessons at you so when something earth shaking hits – you can handle it?

    I have had many lessons to let go, but I still find it hard to learn that lesson. Is strength that holds you. ✌️

    Love the bears 🥰

    1. Hey Omatra – glad you like the bears they are the sweetest bunch going 🙂

      Yes, like you, l have had my fair share of shite to deal with from the time of living at home with my parents to most of the years that followed 🙂

  3. It gets exhausting sometimes, doesn’t it?! The Life Lessons… something good always comes from them, but it would be nice to rest. I guess the past few years have been the “rest period” 🤷🏼‍♀️even though Life was still throwing stuff.
    JB is a cutie and a good reminder of your enduring strength.🐯🧸😍

  4. that’s awful you were bullied by your landlord rory. How horrible for you! I am glad you had your dogs and your bears and you got through it, and are here now to tell the tales. xoxo

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