Share Your World 5-18-2020

Share Your World

18th May 2020

Prompted by Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

Thanks for the questions Melanie 


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What’s something you really resent paying for?

Without a shadow of doubt – poor service.

Now this is an excellent question Melanie and one l feel at some point this year perhaps we could both explore this further as a topic on the series Magazine on a Bench  as l think this has some additional mileage to it.

A few years back l read a survey on what people detest paying for in this country [UK] – the top 5 were … TV licence, delivery charges, electric bills, overdrafts and gas bills – basically products and services or rather basic services for commodity used. I find it astounding at times how people don’t just look at poor quality service full stop. Why people expect everything for nothing is quite beyond me.

When you receive a good quality 100% service you don’t feel like you have been shafted in your butt!

Years ago and by this l am referring to 1991 l was having a conversation with some city types in London [Barristers, Bank Managers and Retail CEO’s]. We were all sitting in a fancy Thai restaurant just off Edgeware Road and as it was in the mid summer we were sitting outside and having this very conversation … what did we really resent paying for? There was a whole range of topics thrown in until one of them suddenly declared ‘I resent paying for sex!’

We all looked at her [yes it was a her], and at that time l was a working escort who was in essence being paid for sexual services when not ‘just’ escorting and so this sparked my interest and l set to asking her all sorts of questions.

Principally my questions were aimed at what she detested the most – was it just the sex, the type of sex, were her fantasies or fetishes not being respected? It all came down to one thing  … a lack of quality service. She wasn’t that bothered if the sex was poor, but if the service was inadequate she felt shafted in her butt!

That night we all agreed that it didn’t matter what we were paying for as long as we received a  ‘good quality and genuine service’, we would pay for anything without resentments.

So to your question … What’s something you really resent paying for?

Poor service.


 What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen?

Mm, now this is a question indeed – what one might define as unsettling another may not. Some don’t like ghost stories for the scares, others don’t like slasher movies for the gore, then we have mind benders that screw with your head … we have those who hate the reality of the world news and real time films … so where does one start?

So let me think ….. l will list a few of the most disturbing l have seen and then take my pick.

Gerald’s Game DO NOT Watch if easily unsettled

DO NOT Watch if squeamish

Saw DO NOT Watch if squeamish

Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer – DO NOT Watch if squeamish

Read the book as well – Shaun Kimber

Now of the four listed which could l simply not finish watching?

The Human Centipede!!

Do you judge people?  

I would counter that first with ‘define judging people’ …. unfairly judging people on first meetings or judging people when you know them as in having an opinion on someone’s behaviour or actions?  Out of 100% l do not judge people by a good 90% but there is always that 10% residue where sometimes you can’t help yourself and usually it’s not actually referred to as ‘judging someone”, but gut instinct. I listen to my gut many a time. I trust my gut more than people … l also trust dogs more than people! Dogs are excellent judges of character!


Finish this sentence:  “Back in my day, we…”?

Partied hard and F####d harder – hey it was the crazy 80’s!! When l wasn’t doing that l was working 7 days a week from 6am to 8pm!




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…………….. AND then there ‘s always The Music!!

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16 thoughts on “Share Your World 5-18-2020

  1. Having to pay for bad service just sucks.
    Luckily I haven’t watched any of these movies. Disturbing is not my cup of tea at all.

  2. Good questions! I really resent paying as much as I have to for grocery deliveries and having them add a tip to the charge. I live one block from the store and while I know it will cost for delivery I think they should take the close address into consideration. I would go myself if I drove something other than a power chair. I can get some items home with the chair, but to take advantage of some things you need a car or better delivery charges.. After all, I’m only receiving social security and a limited amount of that.

    As for the second question about movies, I only watch old ones because I have yet to find a new one that is worth sitting thru. I think the good ones have already been made and then sequels to follow up on those, but I’ll take the original and let someone else watch the sequel.

    Do I judge people? Sometimes I do and then kick myself privately for doing so. I’m not qualified to judge anyone or anything. I do have opinions and try to keep my mouth shut about other people. Having been judged and found lacking most of my life because of the MS I know I can’t see into another person’s life and have no idea what they are going thru unless and until they share it with me. I’m thankful that only God will judge me in the end.,

    “Back in my day, we lived a slower life, taking pleasure in the things around us. Living in the country in a small community we had nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves, and most of us were satisfied with what we had.

    1. Hey Kentucky – some really depthful answers there – l can fully understand about your situation with ‘delivery charges’ l think that the problem is that with many deliverers they run a universal charge across the market brand and they should take closeness into consideration – we see a lot of that here too. Totally agree on the judging l think my 10% is probably the same 10% that most good people have it’s human nature and the way our lives evolve, l think now with the likes of C19 we might see more of a judging society.

      1. I just hit something on my computer and erased such a lovely reply! I hate when I do this but it is becoming an every day thing with me now. And I can’t even remember what I said. I’m down to my last brain cell, but I’ll never have dementia because I have MS. And I wonder how long I can get away with that explanation now. Have a good week! Hugs!

  3. I read Gerald’s Game, I haven’t seen the movie. I can imagine that the movie focused on some of the more visually disturbing things than the psychological ones

    I agree with you on the “back in my day”… 😉😂

  4. Thanks Rory for Sharing Your World in such a thorough manner. Yes, do put that topic of ‘bad service’ on your new emerging series, as it will spark some great discussions I bet! Paying for things that should (possibly) be free is more difficult and harder to swallow if the service sucks along with the quality! I’ve groused about that a lot. I read approximately 1/8th of Gerald’s Game and had to put the book away – gave it to a thrift store or my step-son (I forget which) because I knew I’d never finish it. It disturbed me so much, and not just because of Gerald’s ‘game’ (bad memories around that stuff) – but because of the blatant animal abuse. Sickened me. I’d NEVER watch that film and the others – (although I viewed ‘Saw’ involuntarily) are not films I’d choose in any case. Maybe it was you, but I think it was someone else who chose “Human Centipede” as the most disturbing film they’d seen. Must be gruesome. No thanks! Me? Most gruesome would have to be “Shattered”. That continues to bug me and I wish I’d have stopped watching when I realized it was bothering me so much. I thought (mistakenly) that it was important to view because it was the mid-part to the trilogy. Wrong. What I get for doing my own thinking as my father would have said. Thanks again for participating Rory and have a fabulous week! 🙂

    1. Hey Melanie many thanks for the detailed comment … l agree with you regarding the films – are you referring to the Tom Berenger film 1991 with Grets Scacchi?

      Also, always a pleasure and many thanks and have yourself a truly lovely week too 🙂

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