The Remarkable Art of Remarking!

Blogging Insights # 29 – ” Your Comments Section” – Prompt by Tanya of Salted Caramel




Blogging Insights #29

The Remarkable Art of Remarking!


Introduction …

When I first launched my blog, I didn’t really expect anyone other than my mother and a couple of friends to read my posts. Imagine my surprise when I got several favourable comments on my first few posts. I was over the moon; not only had peple read what I had written but they had actually left feedback. Ever since, the comments section is one of my favourite parts of my own and others’ blogs.



How important is the comments section to your blog?


The comment section is l believe of all the statistics we have the most integral one – LIKES are nice but they are not words and the problem with LIKES is anyone and their cat can simply LIKE a post … the LIKE Button in WordPress alone is one of the most abused buttons of them all l think … it is just too convenient to hit like. 

Don’t get me wrong there are times when there are posts that are not able to be commented on by readers due to the content or the structure … but equally and we ARE all victim to it … equally many readers just mass LIKE and because of this l tend to ignore the LIKES on my posts. I do however pay attention to the comments – COMMENTS are REAL people speaking to you.

I don’t misuse the LIKE button – l only tend to LIKE what l actually LIKE and that comes about after reading it and where l can, l try and comment. Readers who comment want to interact and engage with you – they have read what you have taken the time to write in the first place.

Now as said NOT all posts can be commented or remarked on and then LIKES are an acknowledgement to you, the writer.  When l see more LIKES than comments by singular users l always think of some corny line from a Vietnam movie like … “Hey you , yeah you, $5 me LIKE you loooong time!” Then l laugh … so next  time you just hit LIKE 25 times on some of my posts know that is what l am thinking about you … but if you take the time to stop and comment – you might actually LIKE to do that more … it’s way more entertaining and friendly and l appreciate it more.

Do you read the comments on other people’s blogs/posts?


Where l can yes l do, sometimes they are witty and comical and other times they are informative – however it’s only if l have the time to do that. If l am pushed for time then instead of reading additional comments l leave my own comment only.

Spam comments and spammers : we all hate them. How do you identify spam comments?


I don’t actually get them anymore – l am using the old style WordPress and so my comments directory reads as  ALL, Pending, Approved and Spam and of course TRASH. Prior to  upgrading from my Premium plan to my eCommerce plan l was getting close onto 1000 spam comments a day – with the upgrade and some excellent advice from  Renard Moreau about restricting the ‘commenting time’ on posts l went down to 0 spam.

Automatically close comments on articles older than 14 Days

Prior to Renard’s comment [which by the way he made to another reader and l saw through reading others comments] l had my ability to comment open to readers set to 30 days or something – this is an open invitation to bots  – after reading that l reduced the commenting time to 14 days only – which is even a shorter window to Renard who has his set to 21 days.  But l found that by performing this spam botters and auto bots were instantly reduced to nothing. Additionally the eCommerce plan has a configuration that stops bots. The two combined means l rarely see spam now and it’s seriously rare and when l do see it – it is an oversurplus from genuine readers/commenters.

Examples are Jan – June 2019 Premium Plan WordPress spam comments were peaking at 1000 a day. Ecommerce plan purchased late June 2019  and reducing commenting timedown to readers July 2019 – May 2020 – 15 comments retrieved [TOTAL in 10 months]  from spam belonging to genuine readers. That’s it …. l don’t get spam anything anymore.

My advice would be to restrict the commenting time down to either 21 or 14 days. If people really wanted to comment on an older post they could do so on a newer post and archive link the older post itself.

Have you ever “approved” negative comments?


Yes, l do – the only time l wouldn’t is if it was vile and if it was likely to cause offence to other readers. We still have a responsibility to our readerships and they don’t need to be offended by others words. I don’t tend to get many truly negative comments but l have received some disturbing emails.

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Thanks for reading everyone and my thanks to  Dr Tanya  for the question.

26 thoughts on “The Remarkable Art of Remarking!

    1. Definitely worth a go, especially if you are getting a lot of spam Paula. Anything above 50 comments daily is too much in my books. When the posts are open for longer the auto bots and spam bots detect them and old posts can be inundated with spam to the point that WP cannot cope.

      By reducing the comments windows down, auto bots are reduced because they rarely attach to new posts as the WP configuration can take care of them quickly but can’t on older posts.

  1. Thanks Rory for this detailed and informative reply.
    I feel the way you do about people abusing the Like button as do most people.
    Your advice regarding spam comments is very helpful.

    Trust you to come up with a title like “the remarkable art of remarking”

  2. I know that there is a lot of abuse of the like button but I still use it without commenting sometimes to let the person know I stopped by and enjoyed what I read. Honestly I don’t have time to comment on every post I read and sometimes I just don’t have anything to add. If I do “like” a post it’s because I enjoyed what I read.

    1. Hey Ruth, totally agree with you – but as an example – you and l share a fair amount of time conversing to each other and so l know you to be both a reader and a commenter. I also know through your blog that like me you are short of time and do not always have a fixed time schedule – so LIKING is the acknowledgement l refer to as in ‘I just want to let you know l am still here and have read this but don’t have anything to say’. That’s fine and bloggers know who their regulars are – my comment is directed specifically to those who seemingly think it’s okay to randomly like x amount of posts without even any kind of conversation … l don’t even bother with those anymore.

      That is more insultive than complimentary.

      The biggest different to random LIKERS and genuine Likers is we know each other whereas randoms haven’t got a clue what we are about and nor do they care.

  3. It’s interesting what a difference upgrading has. There must be something about how the different business/ecommerce comment form is set up that acts as a deterrent. I don’t close comments on older posts because with the kind of content I have, I still get a fair bit of traffic on some of my older posts. Still, I only get maybe a handful of spam comments a week, which is a huge difference compared to my pre-business plan days.

    1. Hey Ashley, so you are business plan then? I noticed a huge change with the switch and there is not a great deal of difference between business and ecommerce and currently l don’t use anywhere near what l have available – l could easily have got away with Business plan – l was only thinking about the extra space potential useage as l am quite image heavy at times.

      So in addition to closing comments and the config to the plans – l have eliminated any spam – at first l was seriously worried about the lack – but over time l was able to study more of it as well and discovered that when l was receiving higher traffic numbers they were grossly inaccurate and were purely caused by the bot programmes scanning my posts – traffic wise pre-ecommerce l was in 1000 page hits a day but l was also receiving huge spams hits … makes sense – now l am stabilised on my traffic and happier for it.

      1. The business plan has the same storage allowance as the ecommerce plan.

        I get a fair number of people of people coming to my older posts via search engines, Pinterest, and WordPress search, and since I actually want my older posts to be active, for me it doesn’t make sense to close comments.

  4. I dont get much spam. I don’t get rude comments or emails. Either I’m not controversial or I’m lucky in that one area of my life🤔 I DO get the serial LIKEers. It’s annoying, having to clear all of them.🙄 It makes me LESS likely to check out a blog rather than more.

    Comments is where all us introverted hermits hang out and socialize, it’s our “coffeehouse” 😉😂

    1. Hey Grandma, oh yes serial Likers are a pita! I guess l am lucky to have the kind of quirky correspondence that l get but hey l also have the oddballs too … l mean erm, mm, how do l put this ? Ok – Hello 🙂

  5. I definitely get where you’re coming from with your feelings about just hitting like. I don’t think I’ll ever understand those who click like without even reading the post, much less actually liking it.

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