RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

Season 2 – Game 4


Just 5 questions …..

What do you define as ‘true passion’ and have you found it yet?
Everyone has something that overwhelms them …. what overwhelms you and how do you tackle it when it happens?
What did you used to take for granted but now, no longer do that?
Are you ‘inked?’ [Have a tattoo] – if so, how many and if you can say where – where – and what made you want to express in that way and if not have you ever considered being inked and if not – why not?
In light of our current situation – how do you perceive the world to look in the next five years?

 ….. 5 Easy Questions!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

19 thoughts on “RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

  1. Passionfruit is yummy! Oh, sorry…Passion or “true passion” is being swept away by an idea, activity, person, food…whatever. It consumes your thoughts and energizes you. I think we’ve all had a passion for something or someone at some point. An “enduring passion” is something else. More rare IMO.

    Lots of noisy people or people-y noise overwhelms me. I exit stage left.

    I used to take my body and it’s functions for granted. Now parts of me are permanently damaged, other parts don’t always work correctly and all of it hurts all the time.

    I have two tats… an “old man” crescent moon on my left shoulder/back and a “young female” sun on my right shoulder/back. I got them because I like tattoos and I love suns, moons and stars. I would love to get more ink but worry my plaque psoriasis would attack it. It forms more quickly/easily on broken skin☹

    I hope the world will be more aware, more cooperative and more caring… my cynic says we’ll all have microchips and corporate logos😒

    1. Ha ha nicely answered Grandma … logos and microchips and masks and heels and …oh no, scrap the heels l think my true passion is revealing itself …ahem, moving along … wonderfully answered thanks you. What is an old man moon?

      1. A crescent moon with a long scraggly beard. Looks like an old man. I got that one first…a generic I picked from a book. That’s why I made my Sun young and feminine. Balance.

              1. Oh right, l guess then we will have to see what the future holds – if l was to get inked, l think the design would have to be somewhat complex and simplicity at the same time. A true reflection of the inner me.

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