Just Seven Things?

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Just Seven Things?


Can you list ‘just seven things’ that make you happy – whatever your definition of happy is – can you list just seven things that bring a joy into your life or an energy or even a sustainable synergy that when combined award you – your variation of happiness?


Why do they make you feel happy?


Once you have done that, list just seven things that make you unhappy.

Then when you have done that – explain this …. ‘How do YOU define happiness?’


Let me know your answers below or create a postal response of your own, your choice.

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14 thoughts on “Just Seven Things?

  1. I have written posts on things that make me happy a couple of times, but I have yet to list causes of unhappiness.
    Howeverr I will try to rise to the challenge.

  2. Hi Rory. I just put up a post yesterday about things that made me smile. It’s same pretty simple things but I’m a pretty simple person. I probably won’t complete your challenge but stop by for a visit if you want to see my post. Hope you are well my friend.

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