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Didja Know

Series 1 – Episode 6

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Have you ever thought of yourself or likened yourself to that of a cow or an ox?


Boanthropy is a disorder in which the sufferers believe themselves to be ‘cattle!’

Meet Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog …


…. of course you don’t probably know him by his full name …. just Sonic

What on earth is that smell???


If Yoda doesn’t know or should l say ‘nose it’ there is a good chance your own nose already does, on account of it being able to remember the scent identities of 50,000 individual smells!

If you ever meet a short haired unstriped Tiger … chances are it’s lying or should l say ‘Just Lion?’


The Tiger’s skin is also striped and not just its coat – can’t have one without the other!

On Mars ‘ the song Blue Moon is truly real!


Martian sunsets are blue

Didja Know

Question Fun Emoji


Catch you next time, thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Didja Kno

  1. Did YOU know that a “Blue” moon is the 2nd full moon in a calendar month??

    I wonder if the Martian ones are caused by Earth’s reflection on the moon?🤔

    Does Boanthropy apply to Sheeple as well???🤔

    1. I don’t know but if it did that would be really baaaad …. and l think the Martian ones are caused by dust from cow packs from sheeple?

  2. OMH! That’s quite a superSonic name! 😄
    I will take your word on it about tigers being striped all through to the skin. Hopefully I’ll never have to shave one and find out. 😮😊

  3. I suffer from Boanthropy when I have to fly Southwest lol ✌️

    Not flying anywhere at moment … so no worries on that disorder currently lol

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