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Be different today …… be different tomorrow and then be different the next day, but don’t typicalise being different to the point that the difference is then lost and become routines and no longer natural!

Never force being different to your own differences and so you then end up asking yourself – is there actually a point to being different why not be JUST the same?

Rory Matier


“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

Maya Angelou


Too many of us – as people – take for granted the lives and the life we lead.  We forget that we are own own mentors, we forget that we are our own regulators and moderators – WE forget – it’s that simple.

And yet if we simply remembered that we ‘are’ our own mentors, regulators and moderators – we would realise the absolute beauty of self-improvement – of how important it is to try at the very least to expand upon what we currently have.

Too many of us forget this duty we have to our very essence – we plod on with life like it doesn’t matter, we work crappy jobs, we have crappy friends, our families can suck the very enthusiasm from us and as a whole, society just walks the path of the trodden and like the brainwashed propaganda fed sheep that we are, we blindly follow.

It is our absolute duty to ourselves to enrich our lives, to improve upon who we are and what we are – don’t forget that –

Remember it!

Rory Matier 1997

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  1. I was a chameleon with my wardrobe back in the day. One day jeans, a flannel and hiking boots, maybe a mini skirt, crop top & pumps the next. I liked different styles and wore what I wanted.

    Internally, I’m multifaceted. From the outside I could appear to be “fitting in with the crowd”, a chameleon.

    I don’t really care how I “appear” I know who I AM…each and every side.

    Cool one, JB!
    BTW…Did that E-Card make it to your email?

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