RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

Season 2 – Game 3

Under New Management


Just 5 questions …..

What day starts the week for you – Sunday or Monday and why that day and not the other?
Can you describe your life in 8 words?
What is the actual colour of Mirror – not the surround but the colour of Mirror?
What is likely to be unlikely in so far as and as far as the unlikely can be?
What would the story of your life be called if it was a book?
What would your epitaph read?

 ….. 5 Easy Questions!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

10 thoughts on “RIDDIKKY – 15 Ninths and 31 Shades Of ….

  1. My week starts on Saturday Night with Gary’s Swiss Sunday. It’s the only time when it feels like a different day.

    Lessons learned, laughter, dancing, ridiculous, chaotic, love filled

    The color of mirror is reflective

    That Earth is the only planet with life

    The Long And Winding Road (stole it from the Beatles)

    No epitaph, my body is being donated. But hmmm… words to sum up my life… “She Lived”

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