Methinkith Betwixtith!!


Thursday Inspiration 55

Paula of Light Motifs II

Methinkith Betwixtith!!

Trust me l know when l say what l am about to,
…. That it doesn’t come easy to some,
Maybe that includes you too …
…. But er … um,

A young cool cat once asked if there was indeed…
… an art to being verbally Klutzy?
Was it something that grew from seed…
… or noxious weeds maybe?

Is it an art or actually a skill…
… to be clumsy and completely accidental?
Furthermore is it truthfully…
… perhaps even honestly,

Really truly, madly deeply,
Pronounced as Klutzy or uniquely –
 … obliquely and sweetly Clutzee??
Only, l ask curiously?

I mean is this something that Jung or Dr. Seuss,
… would have found betwixting?
Methinks and not menthol spruce juice,
BUT it is most assuredly bewitching!

There is of course always the ruse,
… the tactic or strategy and or the excuse…
To misuse and abuse,
And not forgetting to confuse!

I mean after all that is the point isn’t it?
…. K or C Lutzy or Zee if you wish,
Is set to burst from within the banana split!
With an almighty series of squish and swish!

The cool cat of NOT the hat asked the other day,
Did dolphins exist in a universe of delight?
… and was it wrong or was it right?
If they were not seen to play that way?

What could l say?
I took a double step back in heavy disbelief!
What the cool cat suggested filled me with dismay …
…. And engrained ham and coated relief!

I had to remember the days of timidity,
… which happened to rise from a bed of nothing!
Which is bad to wake up from admittedly…
… easier of course if you know bluffing!

But that is the intrinsic beauty of music too,
Don’t you think?
If you must do …
…. then at least don’t blink!

I am at the crossroads of the twinned sounds …
…. Of the Beatles and Petty and his Heartbreakers!
Which betwixtedly are both doing the rounds!
Like worshippers in the chapel singing from hymn papers!

But we come back to the cool cat of not…
… in the hat and waiting patiently for a decision…
Which is the answer to that….
… question which asked concerning the precision?

Of whether it is indeed an art …
…. to be Lutzy with a K or a C?
Can we personalise the a la carte,
….. of Crazy?

© Rory Matier 2020


Thursday Inspiration 54

Paula of Light Motifs II

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Take Seven 8th May

Di of Pensitivity 101






















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  1. Tom Petty, The Beatles and a little Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam… whew! My ears are happy and my eyes and mind had fun with your verbal vichyssoise!

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