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Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess , Peanut and l would like to wish you all a totally fabulous Blah Blah Sunday – what’s that l hear you ask? Isn’t it just obvious?? It’s just another day blah blah! So today have yourselves a terrific day! So Beckie here we go another song to make your Blah Blah day complete!


From Monday 11th May till Sunday 17th – so a full 7 days, yes folks a WEEK we are visiting the 70’s as in the 1970’s – so let me know your favourite artists and songs and they’ll be yours for the day!

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This weeks musical line morning tracks up are dedicated to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma  ,Omatra7 of Learning Life   and   Gary of Bereaved Single Dad  who created the  Forbidden Gathering’s Playlist!

If you would like to receive a week’s worth of dedications then take part in the Mixitup and Playme game see link   HERE

This weeks theme is “Stetsons and Saddle Bags”

Forbidden Gatherings

1 –  Angie of King Ben’s Grandma –   The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk

2 – Omatra7 of Learning Life  – Plain White T’s – See You Again

3 –  Gary of Bereaved Single Dad– Coven – Satanic Mass

4 –  Angie of King Ben’s Grandma – My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

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Suzanne of Ellie894

Hey Suzanne, here’s a song you requested a couple of months ago!! Have a great Blah Blah Sunday! Tiffs a bit older these days!!

.… and just in case you forgot!!


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Have a totally awesome day folks!


Let me know your favourite artists below in the comments section and for this season we shall dedicate a track to you for Morning Guest Star Day!

17 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Happy Blah Blah, Rory!🌈🦄💌

    I thought of two other bands for the 70s… Heart & Fleetwood Mac (or did someone already request the Mac?)
    Maybe we should throw some disco in with KC & Sunshine Band, Earth Wind & Fire, ABBA…

    Oh, and I have another version of “I Think We’re Alone Now”

    Catch you on the daylight side😴😴😴

  2. Good morning Rory 😊 Many thanks and a Happy blah blah to All! 😊 💫
    I think I wore this cassette out….many a day ago 😅. Have a wonderful Sunday 😊

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