Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances


Not all of course,
But sometimes …
…. l need to break free of the chains!
The chains that hold me secure into my world!
It’s all too easy…
…. to pretend that life as we know is carefree!
That there are NO obstacles and challenges,
Set to destroy what we thought we had ………………………………..

Keeping Up Appearances

Sometimes you need to let go of the rage,
…. the pent up angers, frustrations and hurts …
It’s nothing to do with immaturity or age ..
… but still you try to explode only on the outskirts!

So as to not upset the apple cart of life, loves and even society!
…. the fragilities of our peoples,
The stresses and vexations of anxiety …
….. No! You look for somewhere more peaceful!

You pick your time and your place,
Away from the maddening and screeching crowds,
…. somewhere the mask can drop from your face..
And you can scream out aloud!

That life isn’t always as it appears …
…. matters not your skills and social education,
Your experiences collected up over the years …
Everything you have learned since your creation!

That place that you can let go, just let go ….
…. of you, your inner and unmasked you!
The place where nobody else knows ..
…. the place where you go to!

Everything is about appearance …. such a broad word…
If you allow it to be …
…. Because it covers everything – said and unheard,
From abc to 123,

But and yet people look at it with blinkered eyes,
… They see only what they think it is!
Not comprehending the fullness of its disguise!
…. Nor how so very often it takes the piss!

I am trying to not come across as bitter,
… after all we all combined make up for appearance,
It is what it is and it is just up to us to consider,
…. how to dictionalise the coherence!

© Rory Matier 2020

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12 thoughts on “Keeping Up Appearances

  1. You’ve said it so well. We sometimes need that escape valve. To release the pressure.
    Thanks for joining in the challenge Rory.

  2. Yep! Baseball bat to a metal dumpster! I was so full of frustration and rage I thought I’d literally explode. So I beat on the dumpster. It felt great!! My daughters still refer to it as “the day Mom went psycho”. Personally, I thought it was a very healthy way to release all that emotional energy🤷🏼‍♀️
    Society doesn’t like to see us like that though, do they? No, we’re all supposed to be “shiny, happy people”…”Insta”-ready.🙄

  3. We so need to find that safety valve. I remember it being explained to me as blocking up all the windows and gaps in a house, then turning the taps on. Eventually the house fills up with water. Until you find a way of opening a window. The water level rises, pressure increases and the damage spreads.

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