That’s The Way ‘uh-huh uh-huh’ [I Like It]

Blogging Insights # 27 – ” Repairing ” Yourself and Your Blog” – Prompt by Tanya of Salted Caramel




Blogging Insights #27

That’s The Way ‘uh-huh uh-huh’ [I Like It]


Introduction …

The lockdown is a hiatus in everyone’s life. It is an enforced sabbatical for some. For others, it is an overly busy period of working from home while caring for family. Life as you knew it, is on hold.

You are basically in a period of waiting. It is something like waiting in an airport lounge while your flight is delayed again and again.

You can either spend this time pacing up and down in frustration OR you can use this time to catch up on your reading/email/social media and any number of other activities. The choice is yours.


What are you doing to ‘repair’ (re-vamp or update) yourself and your blog during the lockdown?

I constantly work on my blog anyway – l think many of us do whether we are in a quiet time or not – so in relationship to this question ‘revamping, repairing, rebooting and or reenergising’ is a constant . I am continually improving my navigation and my visuality and internal marketing and branding.

However, l have changed my strategy recently again to reflect a different routine. Prior to lockdown l was in fact just working on producing three posts a day and then with the lockdown l increased to four as a way of 1] coping with this change in my daily life and 2] as a way of further motivating the community.

Literally last week l changed that stance and returned to three posts per day with an additional and occasional 4th post or 21 posts per week or occasionally 23. In fact, all ‘4th Posts’ are heralded as such and a little icon appears at the bottom of a published post – this post is in fact a 4th Post.

The 4th is to act as a random of no fixed time post – it can appear any time of the day. The others are now on more of a flexible time rota now as opposed to fixed as they were before lockdown. Pre lockdown and till last week was  06.05/14.05/18.05/22.05  in consideration to 06.15 – 06.55 – 13.15 – 13.45 and 20.15 – 22.25 which started last weekend.

There were a few reasons for this reintroduction of the daily three posts and these were:

1] I found myself struggling to achieve other responsibilities in life when working 4 regular posts daily in blog – like gardening and studying.

2] Producing four posts daily made my actual external blog reading time harder to sustain. This week, I am in the process of catching up again, but l was pre-lockdown able to read comfortably 8 blogs per day over ten days and l would be all caught up. However with 4 posts daily l couldn’t do that.

This week l have been catching up on the reading of my 50 hard core followers and the additional 25 regular followers.

3] Home front stabilities had changed somewhat and l found myself having to hyper-focus on properly making an income from online resources.

But l am always fighting a battle with time and commitments and desires and responsibilities and l think once more, we all do … so we are always trying to squeeze more time from the time we have.  For some this means cutting corners on certain activities, some bloggers don’t actually bother to read blog posts and all they do – age old – is hit like on every post … that’s just an easy way out for some readers l feel and l can’t do that personally.

I like to read the minimum of six posts on a blog that l am visiting, but read them properly and where l can try and comment at least twice per six. But that’s just me and because l do want to read the external content l am always behind.

But l try and prioritise my days in my weeks, my schedules and my routines and currently l am in the process of trialing a new ‘Let It Go Strategy which is all about letting some of the stress go that we each experience in blog whether people like to discuss it or not. Not everyone has it, but many do … l will discuss this further in another episode of The Cynical Realist Blogger in the coming weeks.

However this is l guess a process of ‘revamp’ and relevant to this question. What it consists of is trying to establish a thoroughly interactive reader to writer and back to reader again experience. But ultimately it always comes back to time management. in the main it’s all about sustainable energies and how we all continually inject our energies into what we do and what we read and respond to.

Lisa of Lismore Paper  has been working very closely with me for nearly a year now on the branding of this blog and we are now exceptionally close to the final days of that project and as each new piece of the puzzle is moved and slotted into location the end strategy is nearing. You can see the process of this project as it nears close here : Blog Features Page.

Equally as much as l work on the navigation for my readers so they too can slip easily back into archived yesterdays l work on a number of different internal navigations for myself because my blog is extensive and large in size so l have to have systems and schedules in place to keep up to speed on strategies and campaigns and series seasons l have working daily/weekly or monthly. Pages that spring to mind that are very rarely looked upon are usually found in Blogger Reviewer  which is almost an overlay of the entire blog in one format or another but each Tabbed Heading Section is woven with the same fabric.

So yes during lockdown l have been busy and perhaps even busier especially as l near the end of the Branding Project of this blog. I try NOT to waste time as it is so short and this episode in our history has emphasized that even more….hasn’t it? Time’s NOT for the wasting.

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Thanks for reading everyone and my thanks to Dr Tanya for the question.

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  1. K.C. & The Sunshine Band takes me back to the days spent at the skating rink.🎶💃🏼 roller skating… I never learned to skate backwards☹

    I love all the images Lisa has made for you! I noticed the “4th post” stamp. I still say we should smash all the clocks!!😉😂

  2. Your branding looks great! Kudos to you and Lisa both. Your blog is a pleasure to wander around. You have a wonderful system that works well 😊

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